iOS text replacement: How to use it and why you should use it

Hey guys;

This will be the first tutorial posted using the new categories system…

So, ever feel tired of typing the same words and phrases over and over again while chatting with your friends? Ever think that there should be a way to automatically insert words and phrases you used the most into your chat message? Well iOS actually have a way of doing just that!

This feature is called text replacement, and can be found under the keyboard setting of iOS.

To access it, open the settings app, then go to general, and you’ll find the keyboard setting. Go into that, and you’ll find an item called text replacement. From here, tap the add button and then enter the following information:

  • Phrase: The long phrase/word that you want to appear as suggestion above the keyboard.
  • Shortcut: The shorttened version of the word. To make things easy, this should be a few letters long.

Once you’re happy with the information you’ve entered, tap on the done button. Now, when you’re chatting in a chat app, when you type in the shortcut, you’ll get a suggestion to use the phrase that you’ve created; it will be above the keyboard; the same area where auto correct suggestions appear normally.

Why should you use this feature? Well let’s face it, we all have this problem where we find it annoying having to type the same words or phrases over and over again. This is especially true if the dictation feature doesn’t work that well or if you’re using VoiceOver screen reader. Unless if you happen to have a Bluetooth keyboard, it will be time consuming having to type the very same words or phrases over and over again.

Note: This feature works even for languages other than English; even Asian languages such as Thai, and your phrase can include an emoji, believe it or not. For instance, I have managed to successfully create a shortcut that expands into the phrase ‘I love you my love’ with a red heart emoji at the end of the phrase. I think I’ll try to use this feature from now on.

Credit goes to one of my friends from the playroom app that introduced this feature to me in detail on Skype last night.

Have a good day!


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