How to change your default iOS wallpaper

Hey guys;

Today I present to you another tutorial…that is, how to change the wallpaper on your iOS device.

Regular users of iOS would know how to do this, but for those who just switched from Android, this is something new as changing wallpapers on iOS is not exactly the same as it was on Android.

Well, why would you want to change your default wallpaper? Well…to be honest, the default wallpapers that comes with iOS can get boring after you have it for a good while. Take a look at this home screen…

A screenshot of my iPhone 6 with one of the default iOS wallpapers. Boring, so let's change it!

As you can see, this home screen has one of the default iOS 10 wallpapers, and is a bit boring. So here’s how to change that boring wallpaper to something more interesting… Note the below steps involves changing the wallpaper directly from the photos app, not the settings app.

First, Open the photos app as shown below.

A screenshot showing the home screen, but with a red outline around the photos app.

Second, select a photo. In my case, I selected a photo of my new inflatable ring. Then tap on the share button on the lower left corner of the screen, as shown. A pop up should open.

A screenshot of the photos app with a photo selected and a red outline around the share button.

Next, find the button that looks like an iPhone with ‘use as wallpaper’ written below it, as shown. Tap on that button. A new screen should come up.

iOS share sheet with a red outline around the 'use as wallpaper' button.

Then, adjust the image to your liking in the screen mentioned above, similar to the one shown below.

iOS wallpaper preview and adjustment screen.

After that, once you’ve adjusted the photo, tap on the set button, as shown below. A pop up containing a list of options should come up.

iOS wallpaper preview adjustment screen, after some adjustments were made to the photo. A red outline surrounds the set button.

Next, tap on the options you want. There are three available options which are: Set home screen, set lock screen, and set both. See the screenshot below.

A screenshot showing a list of available options when the set button on the wallpaper preview and adjustment screen is pressed.

Finally, press the home button to return to the home screen and enjoy your new wallpaper! If you chose the ‘set both’ option, this wallpaper will appear on your lock screen as well.

A screenshot of my iPhone 6 home screen with the new wallpaper. Looks more interesting than with the default iOS 10 wallpaper!

As you can see, this home screen definitely looks more interesting and unique than the previous home screen with just the default iOS 10 wallpaper.

Enjoy customizing!


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