New header image…again

Hey guys;

I know, it’s been only a few days since I added a header image…well, although the old image is fine, I do think there is a way to make an even better header image.

So…this is exactly what I did. This new header image actually combines two photos; both photos are photos of my inflatable toys (more specifically one of my rings and my shark). I resized the original photos down to 408px by 306px in Microsoft Paint, before placing both of them on a huge 1440px by 600px canvas using Paint Dot Net. I then used the paint bucket tool to fill the white background with…you guessed it, blue color.

There are two big advantages to this new header image as opposed to the old one:

  • Firstly, unlike the old image, the whole shark is actually visible, and so does the ring, which is quite nice actually.
  • Secondly, the blog title as well as the blog description (both are in white) are on a solid color, dark background, which is nice as this enhances readability.

Note, however, that if you’re on a smartphone, both of my inflatable toys are cropped out entirely and if you’re on a tablet, the inflatable toys mentioned are visible, but not entirely. As much as I would like them to be visible on all devices, there’s no way of actually achieving this without resizing the photos down even further.

So…I guess that’s it for now; hope you like my new header image.


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