Two alternate scenarios concerning my account

Hey guys;

It’s been a while since I do any alternate scenarios based on the concept of alternate history for any event in my life, so I might just well do another one. In fact not just a single scenario, but two alternate scenarios concerning my account. Oh and BTW, the alternate history tag that you may have discovered in my previous alternate scenario posts is now gone, replaced by the alternate history category, which is a child category of the my life category. It can be found on the main menu, just hover the mouse under the my life link to find the new category. Speaking about categories, I might create more child categories under the my life category, which will gradually replace some tags, but I’m not sure yet as doing so would require migrating many posts from the main my life category into the new child categories, which is a task that consumes a lot of time.

Alright, let’s get into the main scenario itself…

Remember when I told you probably way back in 2015 that I’ve disabled my account due to too much trolling? Well, I came up with two alternate scenarios. The first, what if, in this alternate timeline, I kept my account active, and continue to use it to this day (including keeping the app on my phone)? The second scenario is, what if I never use in the first place? Let’s start with the first scenario…

But first, I need to catch you up with the context…

In late May of 2013, I noticed a link to a mysterious new question/answer service called on my Facebook news feed posted by someone, and, being a curious type of person, I decided to check out the service and give it a spin. My initial impression is that it’s very simple to use, and mostly accessible to visually impaired users who relied on screen readers. Attracted by its simplicity and good accessibility, I decided to use it from that point. Since a link to my account can be shared easily on Facebook, I decided to give it a try to see how things went. Given that I don’t get many responses on my Facebook posts recently, I assume that people wouldn’t care much about my account, if at all. But I was dead wrong. People did care a lot, and the people who cared were not from the group of people I want, but…the trolls, and you can probably guess what happened from that point on. In fact you don’t even need to guess because you can just read the archives! Long story short…the trolls used it as a new channel to annoy me, resulting in several huge waves of troll messages, and by the time I disabled the account, the number of questions I responded ran into the thousands, with most, if not all, consisting of troll messages. This new form of trolling made the final two big trolls campaigns quite brutal. Eventually a teacher who was the IB coordinator at the time found out and advised me to disable the account, which I did during Chinese New Year of that year.

So, what is changed in the first alternate scenario? Well…simply, in this alternate timeline, I would need to ignore the advice from my IB coordinator and keep my account active. So now, what happens? Simply, more intense trolling. With my account on remaining active, the trolls could continue sending me troll messages. This would make the months leading up to the IB exams in May of 2015 more devastating as compared to the real timeline. As for what happened beyond May 2015 is hard to predict. The trolls could continue to annoy me on long after graduation, potentially all the way up to today. If this is the case, then I could see several new trolls campaigns, but they would remain somewhat isolated as the trolls can’t physically annoy me anymore. Whether pressure on me to disable my account would continue to mount is hard to tell, but likely, especially if people like my college seniors found out about all the abuses the trolls have done to me. The trolls could also simply not care about my account after graduation. In this case, the timeline beyond May 2015 would be exactly the same as the real timeline, but with the addition of an account that just don’t see much activity.

Switching things now to the second scenario…for the second scenario, what needs to be changed is that I would have to ignore the link on my news feed, and simply move on with other things that I might have at the time. Since the trolls doesn’t have an easy way to annoy me without me finding out, the intensity of the final two big trolls campaigns is either much reduced since there are no huge waves of annoying troll messages, or more intense since the trolls would annoy me more in school as a result since annoying me directly at school is more effective than annoying me on Facebook. The February 6, 2015 incident would most likely still occur in this alternate timeline. In fact in this case if the trolls decided to annoy me more in school there might not just be one incident, but multiple incidents as the trolls try desperately to bring me down as year 13 progresses. But in any case, the timeline beyond May 2015 would be pretty much the same as in the real timeline.

As you can see, although these two alternate scenario do butterfly effect my last two years of high school, the first one is the only alternate scenario that also have a butterfly effect on my university life, albeit only on the non-academic front. In fact, the entirety of these two scenario only affects my non-academic life; the academic life would still remain the same in these two alternate scenarios.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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