Summer holiday has come to an end

Hey guys;

So, after around seven weeks, the summer holiday is drawing to a close. On Monday, September 11, 2017, the Sun will rise on a new academic year, and also an interesting semester. This year’s summer holiday had been as relaxing as last year, and there weren’t anything interesting to talk about…

On Monday, I finally got to register my classes for the upcoming semester. Just like previous semesters, things went very smoothly; I got all my classes added within less than ten minutes. I decided not to send my registration to my advisor right away, just in case I want to change some stuff around. Finally at noon I decided that I won’t change anything so I decided to send my registration to my advisor for approval which, annoyingly enough, my advisor did so around two days later.

So, what subjects I’ve registered for? Well…they’re the same as I’ve outlined in the table in one of my previous posts, so be sure to read that post for details on the subjects I’m taking.

So, why is this upcoming semester interesting? Well mainly it’s the semester where I’m taking part in the buddy program, which is required in order to go on the exchange program. Last week, I finally got an email from the international relations office, which includes a PDF file containing the details of the participating students and most importantly, the details of incoming exchange students they’re partnering with. I got paired up with an American student…which is quite nice (though I’ll most likely go to the UK for my exchange semester). For a while I wonder whether I should contact the exchange student right away or wait for her to contact me, but I finally decided that, it’s probably better to contact her right away, sending her like a welcome message. Eventually we moved the conversation from email to the Line app, which is much more desirable, especially if we want to meet up as using chat apps like Line would be much more efficient when making appointments.

If things go right, I should be able to organize my dreamed trip to Hua Hin, via train. To make the trip more fun, I’ll ask the exchange student whom I’m a buddy of to invite her friends, if she has any that are also on the exchange program at MUIC. If this trip can be successfully organized (I’ll try to make it a residential trip), this will be the second residential trip this year and, if I could make it last from Friday to Sunday, this will be the longest residential trip outside of STA yet. Given that I know a lot about Thai trains, I’ll be able to help with booking train tickets and choosing trains.

In addition to this, club trips can also be expected, though I’m not putting high hopes on that, given the fact that I failed to secure places on them literally every time. Sadly there won’t be a Halloween Carnival this year, simply because I don’t know anyone in the current STA year 12 that would be in the organizing committee. Last year’s Halloween Carnival was suppose to be the last one I’ve participated, but…as we know ithis was 2016, something has to go terribly wrong and it did, albeit what happened is beyond the control of both STA and the organizers of the carnival. This is one of the reasons why I absolutely hate 2016; the fact that the Halloween Carnival has to be canceled just because of an event outside the control of STA and the organizers made 2016 which by that time was already pretty bad look a lot worse. Yeah, last year there wasn’t even Loy Krathong celebration! But, if I magically received a Facebook event invite for the Halloween Carnival this year, I’ll probably accept the invitation.

Looking forward to the end of the year…meeting my best friend again is a real possibility, if not an inevitability. Since she told me that she’ll be back in Thailand by around mid December, I decided to reserve pretty much the entire Christmas holiday, just in case she invites me to her house again. Given that the exact date is not set in stone, this event could happen anytime during the Christmas holiday. Maybe, if I’m really lucky, there might be another New Year’s party….

Anyways, that’s it for now…I’m really looking forward to the start of the new academic year…


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