Minor blog update

Hey guys;

Today I present to you some more blog updates, albeit minor ones.

The first thing that you’ll noticed is that from now on, all tutorials/tips and tricks and reviews are now also under the articles category, as a sub category. A misc category is also added under the articles category once again as a sub category for articles that don’t belong in either the reviews or tutorials/tips and tricks categories.

This brings us to the second update, which is the navigation menu. To reflect the change I mentioned above, the reviews, tutorials/tips and tricks as well as the new misc menu items are now under the articles menu item.

The third and final update is, the only post in the important information category will now appear in all categories. This will be the case from now on; all critical/important information that I want to convey to you guys will appear in all categories.

So…yeah, I guess that’s about it for now…

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