First two weeks of term, not so bad

Hey guys;

So, the first two weeks of the first term of the new academic year has passed. Overall, it’s not too bad. All subjects are still somewhat easy, but Management and Organizational Behavior is probably the hardest one so far simply because there’s a lot to read.

The registration process on September 4th went as smoothly as the last semester, this is the second term in a row that I don’t have to add/drop. I guess the days of having to add/drop are now history…maybe.

On the non-academic side, there weren’t a lot this past two weeks, but there are some highlights. Mainly, I finally get to meet up with my exchange partner. I originally thought of trying to meet her on Monday 11 September but, as we all know it, class times don’t match and so it’s somewhat difficult, but I finally managed to fix a time with her on the 14th in the afternoon, of which I was luckily free.

The only thing we did on that day was…having some drinks at a coffee house that I go to once a week for lunch. Since I don’t drink coffee, I ordered cold chocolate and an ice cream. We sat and talk for a good while on a range of subjects, before going to the area not too far from the college building to wait for the dorm shuttle van.

We waited…and waited…and waited…for whatever reason the shuttle van never came, and since my exchange partner has to do some work, we finally ended up getting a taxi. And…annoyingly enough, the shuttle van shows up just as when we’re getting into the taxi!

The next time we met was on the 19th of September. I must say, this one was not planned; it’s pretty much a coincident. On that day I went for a swim in the dorm pool and after that I went for my dinner as usual, eating at the steaks place I always go to when my dad wasn’t around.

I sat down at a lone table, ordered my stuff, and suddenly a familiar voice approached me and invited me to join. That voice could have been none other than…my exchange partner! So I decided to join her at a nearby table, and I got to meet a bunch of her friends.

During our dinner on that day we talked about many different things, the main thing I told her and her friends is about the Thai trains, given that I know a lot about trains in Thailand. The atmosphere was very friendly and warm, and…overall it was a great dinner.

So far, being a buddy is not hard at all. I did contacted the international relations office about the buddy report, and they told me that I can wait until October, which is fine…that means I can write a longer report. I must admit, the fact that I’ve been studying at international schools since primary school meant that I’ve become comfortable talking to foreigners, especially with my very good English skills. Being at international schools and having been exposed to foreigners for so long meant that my traditional Thai characteristics of being shy have pretty much vanished. Being able to study at international school has really opened me up to ideas and culture from other parts of the world, most notably the western world and culture. You can say that I’m a westernized Thai, and I certainly think that I am.

Looking forward to the rest of the semester…classes will surely get more difficult. As for my exchange partner…I do still have hopes of organizing a residential trip to the beach with her and her friends, I just need to discuss with her and her friends and find the time where everyone is free. If possible, I’d like to go there by train as I would like the exchange students to experience real Thai trains. If this trip can be successfully organized, this will be my second residential trip this year.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…


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