New theme

Hey guys;

Say hello to the new theme of this blog. Yep, this new theme will replace the previous theme. Though my testing was kind of brief and although I didn’t like the theme in a way that the post date and author is displayed before the body of the post, at least both elements are labeled in text, in a format that screen readers can access. Actually it’s not just the post date and author, but elements like the post cagegory and tags are accessible (I’m talking about the label that appears before the categories and tags respectively).

In addition, this theme, like the theme before it, is still pretty readable, due to the use of thick font and contrasting colors for both text and background. Actually, according to the themes directly, this theme is listed as tested for accessibility, which means that you won’t have much trouble navigating around this blog.

Lastly, the header image has been changed to black, to pay respect to H.M the Late King Rama IX of Thailand for the last time since his body was cremated two days ago (I know I should have done this earlier this month, but I’ve been pretty busy with university stuff). After the mourning period ends, I’ll either remove the header image altogether until I can find a replacement, or revert to the image I used previously right before today. The change of the header image will probably not happen until after I get back home again next Thursday at the earliest.

So…other than that, I guess that’s it for now. R.I.P H.M the Late King Rama IX, thank you for all the contributions you have made to the development of the country throughout your long rain.

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