How to import Game Cube saves into Dolphin emulator

Hey guys;

Ever felt too lazy to attempt a game playthrough on your own after seeing how difficult a game is from walkthrough videos? Ever wish you could just look at what other players have done in the game and just…enjoy all the post game stuff? Well this is actually possible. Today, I share you a short tutorial on how you can import saves (more specifically, Game Cube saves into the popular Dolphin emulator). Dolphin is a free emulator for both Game Cube and Wii.

For this tutorial, I will assume that you already have Dolphin installed and have configured all settings to your taste, and you already have a game you wish to import a save to. If not, go ahead and grab a copy of Dolphin, install and configure it, and go grab a game.


  1. Find a Game Cube save on the internet ( is a good source for finding saves). Make sure you download the .gci file, not .gcs file. Also the region of the save must match the region of the game, I.E if you got a European version of the game you need the European version of the save.
  2. Open up Dolphin, and then go to tools menu, and click on memcard manager.
  3. Click on the browse button on one of the memory card slots (if you just installed Dolphin, memory card A should be the one you pick as it’s the only one available). Browse to the memory card file, normally they are stored in C/Users/{username}/Documents/Dolphin/GC. The file you want should be called something like “MemoryCardA.USA.raw”.
  4. Once you load the memory card, click on the import GCI button.
  5. Browse to the .gci file you just downloaded, and click OK.
  6. Close out of the memory card manager and try starting up the game. If things go well, you should see the save file in the game.

Note: Sometimes if the memory card is totally empty before you imported a save, the game might not recognize the save right away. Go back to the memory card manager, load up the memory card again, delete the save, start the game again and get to the main menu/save file selection screen, go back to the memory card manager and load up the memory card once again, delete the save (if it’s there), and import the save again. I noticed this when I tried to import a save for Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door.


Enjoy gaming!

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