Visiting the new STA high school campus today, plus other updates

Hey guys;

Right, it’s literally been almost 2 months where I didn’t post anything about what’s going on in my life, and…since that post, a lot of things have taken place. Namely, 4 events actually took place between the last post and today. Yep, today is another event because as the title says, today I visited the new ST Andrews high school campus. But I’ll cover that event later…let’s cover events in October first.

So, the first event was the fundraising, organized by the MUIC Volunteers Club. The event ran pretty much identical with last year, albeit with rain in the afternoon and eventually the group had to relocate to a different location.

Basically, the event is just…we stand in a group, holding up a poster about the big residential trip (I’m not going on that one though), and asked people to donate money.

The next big event was…not the on-campus activity (that’ll come very soon), but…actually a dinner! Yep, I’m making that an event as well.

On the 10th of October me and my exchange buddy finally fixed a time for a dinner, and we went to eat at a pizza place (my exchange buddy invited her roommate along as well). Since she wanted to meet quite late (at 7PM), I decided to go grab some sushi just so I won’t get too hungry.

We took a taxi to a pizza place not too far from our dorm (me, my exchange buddy along with her roommate stay at the same dorm but different buildings). I ate at this place before; it’s one of those luxurious pizza place, where each meal costs like 200 baht or more.

So, me, my exchange buddy and her roommate sat down at a table, and began ordering food. Pizza seems a bit too much, let’s go for something easy. Italian sausage with french fries plus spaghetti carbonara and a coke sounds pretty good…

Yeah, I literally ordered those items, literally without looking at the price tags. Throughout the rest of the meal I thought…maybe this whole meal might cost around 300-400 baht in total, no more. But when the final bill came, the total cost of my meal was a staggering 479 baht! Yeah, that Italian sausage plus french fries alone costs a whopping 240 baht! Add the carbonara spagheti (199 baht) and a coke (40 baht) and…I got myself probably the most expensive dinner yet.

The ramification of that was quite clear. Since I’m running short on usable money (I still have 1500 baht in reserve, but that’s only to be used in special situations only), I have no choice but to ration. Next day, for example I decided to drank from the water tap instead of buying cold drinks, and I didn’t really buy any snacks for the remainder of the week.

The next event proceeds right after that dinner. It’s pretty much the same activity as last year – making bags that will be distributed to children during the residential trip. The only difference between this year’s event and last year’s event is that instead of having cloth bags ready to be painted on, we have to actually transform some shirts into bags, which is quite difficult, since…you know, cloths are not easy to work with when you only got scissors. The cloth itself also makes painting a bit hard but at the end I managed to produce I think two bags.

With the three October events out of the way, let’s now talk about today…

Today’s visit was actually planned a while back. Fortunately today one of my friends who is studying biotechnology at Abac University is free so we decided to meet up and visit STA.

During the visit, I met quite a lot of my former teachers, and I really enjoy seeing them again after so long. We also walked around the campus quite a bit; the new STA high school campus was big, and I really mean it. The campus consists of three buildings (red, gold and blue), each of them are like five stories tall, and all of them have elevators.

Most, if not all, of the classrooms I saw have big glass windows facing towards the outside of the building, which again adds to the modernity of the campus. Wish the school could have gotten this campus sooner…so that I could actually use it…but that would have meant learning my way around the school all over again, as if I had just joined STA…which might not be very fun. But again, on the flip side I got to study at the new MUIC building, which looks and feels just as modern…I think the recent graduates are probably feeling kind of jealous that they didn’t really get to use the new building before they graduated…

So, what’s next to look forward to? Well there should be another food fair quite soon, and…in December my best friend who should be back from Finland around mid December might arrange to meet up again (most likely at her house again). Who knows; maybe I’ll get to enjoy another New Years party!

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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