Christmas holiday, at last!

Hey guys;

Finally! It’s time to relax! I can’t believe I just made it through one of the toughest semesters yet. This past term, to be honest, is really hard and I found myself in hot waters a number of times, thanks to a combination of very tough subjects and…bad luck.

Given that this semester I’m taking purely business courses, I don’t expect it to be easy, but I also don’t expect it to be this intense. In terms of difficulty, I think this term is almost on the same level as the semester I took Introduction to Computer Programming.

The term started off just fine. Just like the last term, I don’t have to add/drop any classes at all. Like the term that I took Introduction to Computer Programming, the difficulty of the term increases as the term progresses on, but this time, the difficulty increases gradually, not rapidly at once.

The first time that I found myself in hot waters is, surprisingly enough, on the third week of the semester. Yeah, third week and I already found myself in hot waters? Well this is all thanks to one subject, and…I mean just one subject! Management and Organizational Behavior!

So, why this subject in particular? Well it’s because this subject revolves around group work and…guess what, from the third week on there’s going to be presentations on given case studies pretty much every class! And…the worst part is, the way that a presenting team is chosen is in some ways based on a lucky draw! So…this means that my tem has to prepare for a presentation almost every class! Can you imagine how difficult and intense it is? Meeting up with my team members every Monday and/or Wednesday, spending about an hour or so trying to hammer out something to present to the class the next day, and…on the day of the class, praying that my team won’t get picked. However this was the case up to until I think week four or five, from that point on teams began volunteering to present so the system of lucky draw is pretty much scrapped.

The next time that I found myself in hot waters is…also related to this very class, and…it’s the first assignment. The assignment is, basically, writing a paper about a case study. There were six questions, each question requires the application of a specific theory.

OK, that already sounds hard enough, but…guess what, it’s a group work! Yea! Or not…

The assignment was due on 13 October. By around 8 October or so, less than a week before the paper was due, virtually zero progress have been made, or if not totally zero, at least very little progress have been made. I was panic, given that the due date is only a few days away there’s a chance that the group wouldn’t finish the whole paper in time. I finished my part within around one or two days. Note, by this team everyone had their own parts to do, and the last question was meant to be done together.

Well, at this point nothing seems to be going wrong, right? Everyone have finished their parts, and on the due date I decided to submit the paper on behalf of my group.

But…guess what, after I submitted the paper, I decided to take a preview at the paper, and…to my horror, the quality was not what I expected, so I knew that the score that my group would get was going to be quite bad. Soon, the scores were published, and I got a message from the teacher, and…the content was something like…”I hope it’s the wrong version”. Yeah, “wrong version” tells me that the paper was really bad. So I decided to give my log in detail to the assignment portal page where the score of the paper can be viewed, and…my worst fear was confirmed. The paper was not just bad, it’s…pretty much a piece of junk. Guess what score my group got? 0.6 out of 10. Yep, 0.6 out of 10! And…guess what, the only question that received points is the question I did myself!

Luckily, for all papers we did throughout the semester, the teacher allowed us to resubmit the second draft. But for me, that opportunity of submitting the second draft didn’t really help, because…guess when my group really began working on the first assignment again? The week leading up to the deadline (4 November)! Given that we have a few days to finish the whole thing, I knew that the final score will not be too great, but in my mind I always hope that magic will happen and that my group will get an amazing score.

The next time I found myself in hot waters, was…the decision whether to withdraw from any subjects. Yes, finally something that doesn’t involve group work! The background is, I did kind of pretty badly on one of my midterm exams (Computer Software Usage Skills to be exact), and I knew that the score is going to be pretty bad (that 0.6 out of 10 for the first Management and Organizational Behavior paper was also another concern). Around four days before the withdrawal period ends, I finally found out my midterm score for Computer Software Usage Skills. 20.something out of 40. Yeah, that’s…pretty bad. Eventually I talked to teachers of both that subject and Management and Organizational Behavior, and decided not to withdraw from both subjects. I’ll find out, probably in the coming weeks, whether that decision was to be the worst decision ever…when the grades are released on the Sky system.

The next moment I found myself in hot waters is…the second Management and Organizational Behavior assignment. Things played out pretty much just like the first assignment…my group rushed through the paper during the week leading up to the due date, and…as predictable, the score (which was published around two weeks later) was not good, but at least it’s not another 0.6 out of 10…once again, the question that I did received the highest score.

The next moment where I found myself in hot waters was…the paper for the final project, of the same subject as above. Once again, the same pattern repeated itself. Rushing through the paper during the week leading up to the due date, and low score for the first draft (although it’s unknown how much the paper itself was worth). Unlike the second assignment, my question was not the one receiving the highest score. That highest score goes to a question that one of my team members did.

And…the last time I found myself in hot waters is…reworking both the second assignment and the paper for the final project, both belong to the same subject, Management and Organizational Behavior. Although the same pattern repeated itself again, but we really have no choice as the feedback for both papers were given so late. But for both papers, we managed to bump the scores up to a somewhat acceptable level.

Towards the end, thanks to the fact that I got 12 out of 10 for participation and a last-minute lucky bonus of three points my total score out of 100 was 56.something, which means that the chance to pass this course is close to 100%.

As if I thought that magic couldn’t happen, something wonderful did indeed happened, just yesterday. The final score (including the final exam) was published, and…to my surprise, my cumulative points was 92.something out of 100, and…not far from it to the right, I see the letter A on the same row as my student ID. Yep, this means that I pretty much got an A for this course. Turns out that magic did indeed exists, or maybe it’s just that it’s 2017 and from my experience during the last two semesters my final grades ended up being better than my expectations…(but I still have to cross my fingers for grades of the other three subjects though).

Now, let’s move on to some other stuff…

This term was also the term that I participated in the buddy program. Turns out, none of the dreams I set out earlier (particularly the trip to somewhere like Hua Hin by train) came true. Yeah, I only get to meet with my exchange buddy for like three times throughout the whole semester. In fact, I have a feeling that it’s really difficult to try to organize trips with exchange students, mainly because, it seems, they have every weekends planned out, even before they arrive in Thailand. But I might get a second chance, as…I did signed up for the buddy program again for the next semester.

In terms of other events…there isn’t really much though; there were three Volunteers Club activities that I wrote about already…so please check out the archives for details.

So…I guess that’s it for now…

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