A great event to start off 2018

Hey guys;

So, it’s only been roughly four days since 2018 began, and…already I’m writing about a great event. And…no, it’s not a residential trip, at least not yet.

This event is…basically the follow up, or I should say, the repeat of 16 June. Yep, today I finally get to meet my best friend! She came back to Thailand a few weeks ago. It would have been nice to be able to meet right before 2017 ends, but…oh well…I got a family trip to Chiang Mai between 23 and 27 December, so…I couldn’t really help with that.

We met at Ari BTS station at around 12PM. Rather than going to my best friend’s house right away, we did a bit of shopping at a small shopping mall, and I bought myself an ice cream. I was about to take out my wallet so I can pay for the ice cream but my best friend told me that it’s OK. After that we went to the second floor to pick up some foods. Yep, today’s lunch was special because the food was not home made, but…it’s a food from I think one of the restaurants in the mall! But the rice is still home made though…

After picking up the food, we went straight to my best friend’s house. It looked exactly the same as when I last saw it nearly seven months ago. Unlike last time, there were no additional guests, so we went straight to the kitchen/dining room for lunch.

Lunch today was some fried chicken with rice. There were two kinds, the spicy one and the garlic one. The garlic one tasted quite good, but the spicy one was…oh man, it’s…too spicy! So much so that I can’t finish the whole piece; I have to request to have it replaced by the second garlic chicken instead. Given that the garlic one tasted so good, I ended up going for the third piece. After that I thought of eating the ice cream that I bought, but turns out…I forgot to ask my best friend’s mom to put it in the fridge! That’s just downright hilarious…and…in the end I don’t get to eat it; I eventually did get to eat it right before I left…

After that, me and my best friend along with her brother went up to the upstairs living room (the exact same room that I’ve been to last time). Since we don’t have any additional guests, the rest of the day was pretty uneventful…me and my best friend just spent time chatting and…having a great time. And…of course, I brought along some of my inflatable toys (four to be exact) for my best friends to play with. I ended up inflating only the green ring and the dolphin. I brought them since my best friend said that she really likes them.

At one point, I thought of putting the Office Lens app to the test by scanning the board of the Monopoly game, but turns out that my best friend left it at her home in Finland. Given that Office Lens was able to successfully scan product boxes, I was curious whether it will be able to scan boards in a board game like Monopoly. Guess I’ll have to wait for next time…

We went downstairs again close to 6PM, where I finally ate my ice cream, and also some pies. The pies tasted pretty good actually. After that my best friend and her parents took me back to Ari BTS station to drop me off, and that is where the day ends…

Overall, the day was uneventful, but…being able to spend hours talking with my best friend in person is amazing in itself. There was actually to be additional guests, but sadly they arrived when I was just about to leave…that’s just…really unfortunate! But anyways the day was amazing. As whether this could become the best event of 2018, I’ll have to see. If this year turns out to be residential trip less, this event, combined with the next time I meet my best friend again, will automatically become the best event of 2018.

And…when will be the next time we’ll meet? According to my best friend, this would be around June or July; she’ll tell me again once the time gets close. Does this means another post midterm exams event in June? Well this will depend on a number of things; namely whether are there any additional big events that I really enjoy after the midterm exams by then. Visiting the new STA high school campus, though in itself not big, but if I enjoy it enough, this counts. MUIC Food fairs are also enjoyable, but since it’s going to be most likely the same in terms of format and stuff, I don’t think I’ll count it as much as the STA high school campus trip.

So…yeah, other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

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