First two weeks of class…not too bad, plus some other stuff…

Hey guys;

So, the second semester of the 2017-18 academic year has begun, and now the second week has officially ended. Overall, I’d say that things are not looking too difficult, as of yet. But as with previous terms, difficulty can increase really quickly.

First, let’s start off with class registration. As with the past two semesters, the registration process was…really, really smooth. I got all classes I wanted, and I didn’t have to add/drop.

Now, on to the classes themselves…

International Business Management: This class, from my impression, is…somewhat easier than Management and Organizational Behavior. Although that class is explicitly a prerequisite for International Business Management, I find this class to be a lot easier and less stressful. Perhaps this is because of the fact that the topics covered in this class is more general/broad, and the concepts themselves are somewhat easier to digest. There is a term paper and a presentation, of course, but the content and amount pales in comparison to what I’ve been through last semester. Yeah, no more meeting up with group members before or after every class and trying to hammer out a presentation! Maybe there might be one or twice such meetings, but at least it’s not like before or after every single class.

Business Finance: This week was the second week of the semester, but for this subject, it’s just the first week of class. Want to know why? Because the teacher canceled the two classes last week! Yeah, right on the first week of the term! Really? And…guess what the teacher did? The teacher decided to do something that really puts me off and that is, by scheduling a single make up class that lasts for four hours next Friday, and…guess what time it is? 4PM-8PM! Yeah, the time slot that I hated the most! But anyways, on to th3e content itself…so far it’s not too hard; the only real topic involving calculation is present value and future value, which is basically the very same function I learned in Excel in Computer Software Usage Skills class, but this time it’s manual calculation, not typing in arguments and watch as the results magically appear in the cell. But at least in my opinion it’s a good way to learn how the calculations in the PV and FV functions are done. As this subject involves math and I’m quite bad at it, I think this will be the hardest subject for me.

Business Law: This subject is not overly complicated, as of yet, just a bunch of legal terms and understanding key concepts of a selection of Thai laws and legal procedures. I took the Friday section thinking that the teacher would be good, but…turns out that teacher will be teaching only up to the sixth week and after that it’s the other teacher whom I heard is really hard who will take over…so…yeah, I guess I can’t avoid the hard stuff after all. That 60% for the final exam is really huge and, to be honest, really scary. But since the exam is open-book according to what I heard, which is just about the best part about it.

Marketing Research: This is the first class (not including Business Law) that spans four hours (in practice, the teacher let the class out after a little over two hours, at least for now). Looking at the room number, I can already tell that the course is going to be computer-based, and I’m right as Microsoft Excel is involved in this class, however the only functions and tools in Excel that will be using are those relating to marketing research such as charts. The first half of the term mainly focuses on theories and research design, which is not that hard. However the hard part is the stuff after the midterm, that is data collection and processing. Actually, data collection is the hardest part because, although it’s group work, each people in the group are required to conduct a face-to-face interview of 20 people. Both midterm and final exams are open-book, which is great.

Cycling: My second PE course. First week I didn’t join everyone as I couldn’t find someone to ride along with me, but yesterday everything was figured out and…the ride yesterday was quite enjoyable actually. Just like most PE classes, attendance make up the bulk of the grade (around 50% I think).

Now, on to some other stuff…

So, I said earlier that I signed up for the international buddy program for this semester. Well I finally got an email from the international relations office on January 4th, which contains the document listing all the match-ups just like last term. Once again I contacted my exchange buddy right away. However unlike last term, I didn’t get a reply back until like on the morning of the 8th of January, and I was informed that there was a slight problem as somehow the name of my exchange buddy appeared four times in the document. I decided to have a quick scan through, and…what my exchange buddy was saying is true. In fact not just the name of my exchange buddy, but names of several exchange students appeared multiple times. Back then there is only one possible theory, that is…there were so many full time students wanting to be a buddy that the international relations office have to assign multiple buddies to one exchange student because there are not enough exchange students. I decided to contact the international relations office the next day to find out, and…my theory was confirmed. Not sure if this had happened last year, as I didn’t signed up to be a buddy back then.

Anyways, the very first meeting between me and my exchange buddy was actually right on the 8th of January, right when I was waiting for the van going back to Bundit. There isn’t much going on though; I just ask my exchange buddy to add me on Facebook and from then on we switched from communicating via email to Facebook.

The second meeting was…on Wednesday the 17th of January. Luckily my last class of the day ends at around 12PM, which is the same time that my exchange buddy is free, so we’re able to meet up and we went straight for lunch.

During that time we spent a good amount of time talking, and eventually some of my exchange buddy’s friends joined the table, which is really nice. Having grew up surrounded by international students, I really don’t feel strange talking to foreigners at all, especially given that my English was so good. As for the next meeting between me and my exchange buddy, we have yet to figure out, but hopefully soon and I hope, this time I will be able to organize a trip (a residential trip would be nice) of my own, as I couldn’t do that last time.

This brings me to the next thing I want to talk about and…that is the announcement of the so called “Project Tundra”. All I can tell you at this point is that, it’s related to the international buddy program since that buddy program is the prerequisite, along with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.85 and either an IELTS or TOEFL result. This “Project Tundra” will require me to be out of Thailand for a couple of months. That’s all I’m going to reveal about it right now; I’ll give more information within a couple weeks.

And…lastly, some other thoughts that came across my mind recently…

As of now, it’s a little over two years since I joined university. Though university life was good, but there is one thing that I really missed, and that is…long residential trips. Yeah, I really missed those. Ever since I joined university, all residential trips I’ve been to were one night and…that’s way, way too short. There are multiple long residential trips available and I did attempted to sign up for them, but for whatever reason I couldn’t secure places on any of them. It may have been since November 2014 that I’ve been on any residential trips that lasted for three nights or more. I really, really want to go on a long residential trip; GIVE ME A CHANCE TO GO ON ONE!

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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