Good-bye pages forever, and…say hello to a brand new header image!

Hey guys;

So, after I used categories/posts as a replacement for pages, those article pages remained accessible via the sitemap and a sidebar widget. Since then, I’ve forgotten about this, until…recently, I decided to figure out what to do with those unused pages.

And…my decision was, since I no longer have any need for them, I decided to get rid of them, along with the pages widget and…just now, the sitemap link in the navigation menu. However, not all pages were removed; only the article pages were removed; the about and contact pages are still available. I might get rid of the sitemap page as well, but I’m not sure yet. The replacement widget on the sidebar that I’ve added (or rather, moved up from the bottom of the sidebar) is the recent posts widget, which is…exactly the same as what you see when you first open this site, but they’re condensed into just links to posts instead of links to posts with excerpts below them, and unlike the main page, you can’t click a button to view older posts.

The next big change, and perhaps the most obvious, is the new header image. Yes, it’s finally here, after some months of delay. To show off the fact that I really love inflatable toys, I decided to create an image featuring one of the inflatable rings that I bought. The ring you see was actually bought roughly three months ago from Tesco Lotus (the ring itself was not a photograph, but a crop of the scanned back side of the box the ring was packaged in using Office Lens app). This scan was actually right after I bought the ring, but luckily I still have the image so I decided to work on it. I originally intended to use a photo of a ring I bought from Toys-R-Us back in October 2016, but the fact that it’s a photo meant that it’s extremely hard to work with, given that I wanted a ring with a transparent background (I don’t think I have the original packaging of that ring anymore, and back then I didn’t thought about scanning the packaging using Office Lens, if the app even exists back then as this is a rather new app). In fact if I get to go to Toys-R-Us again I could try to find the very same ring and buy it, so that I could scan the packaging (yep, the header image may change again). Even if I didn’t use the new ring straight away, it’s always nice to keep it as a spare…since the ring I’m talking about was bought since October 2016 and was thus a bit old and…you know, when these get old, they break and…you never know when it will break….

Anyways, the header was originally created using the Microsoft Paint, and then the ring I bought from Tesco Lotus was added using Paint Dot Net (cropping of the scanned box along with the removal of all backgrounds was also done using Paint Dot Net). It took me several tries to get the header to look as good as it is now… I originally want to use the scanned front side of the box, but found out that it’s a bit more difficult to work with compared to the back side. As for the choice of blue for the background color…well, I like blue so…yeah.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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