My experience of the first half of this term, and the announcement of my exchange program, A.K.A Project Tundra

Hey guys;

So, two big things to cover today. First, I would like to comment on my experience so far this term, given that it’s now officially halfway through the term. Second, I would like to officially announce my planned exchange program, A.K.A Project Tundra. Let’s begin…

Let’s start off with my experience so far this term…

Time really flies. Now the sixth week has ended, which means that it’s now officially halfway through the term, and midterm exams are in full swing, though this upcoming week I only have three exams and they’re all on weekdays.

The term started off relatively easy, but as expected, things do get tougher as the term progresses. And, just like some semesters back, there would be one subject that would be more difficult than the rest. For the case of this semester, that subject in question is Business Finance.

What I said earlier about this bsubjct increasing in difficulty is really true. Present value/future value using lump sum is pretty easy, but annuity/perpetuity is a more difficult concept. Loans and bonds…well, they just build on the annuity concept. Actually the concepts themselves is not hard to understand, but the way that my teacher teaches makes it really hard to follow along, so much so that I considered just giving up on this subject a number of times. After all, there is only one other subject that requires me to pass Business Finance first, so even if I decide to retreat, I don’t need to care about this subject for the time being.

But however, it seems to me that things are changing, thanks to the fact that I finally managed to find a tutor, which turns out to be the exact same tutor who helped me with Macroeconomics this very semester last year. Once I understand the concept of annuity, the topics after that seems to be relatively easy. I’ll have to see whether the midterm exam next Friday would still be easy…I really hope that the upcoming sessions on Monday and Tuesday can really help me to prepare for the exam…

In my opinion, Business Finance is so far one of the hardest subjects I’ve taken since starting college, almost in the same level as Introduction to Computer Programming. In fact, I think the way that this subject is being taught by my teacher and the theories/concepts really means that this subject sits somewhere between math and programming. In fact, I think this subject has what I will called “implied programming”, because the logic involved in this subject is very similar to programming.

In terms of other subjects…well, they’re not very hard at all. But for Marketing Research class, the hardest part is yet to come; that is…collecting data for the group research project itself. If the questionnaire was done online via Google Forms and I can just send the link to people, that would make data collection process a piece of cake. But not here. For this class, I have to do an actual face-to-face interview with twenty people. Yeah, twenty people! Can you imagine that? But at least I figured out one possible way to approach this, that is…once I received the final version of the questionnaire, I’ll get it printed in braille, and get someone, either someone in my group or one of my friends to help fill out the questionnaire, I.E I’ll read out the questions during the interview, and the person helping me just has to fill in whatever the interviewee says (I’ll have another copy of the questionnaire for him/her, so that he/she can fill it out). For the Cycling class…after some issues with my bike for the first few weeks, the ride was pretty fun to say the least. It’s always nice to burn off some calories in the morning on a Friday…

During recent weeks, the main bike session was in Phutthamonthon Park, and…yeah it’s alright I guess. To be honest, I found it really satisfying when I overtake other people in my class from time to time at the park…

In terms of club activities…so far there had only been one rather big activity, that is…making keychains from strings. The activity was quite fun; and I made about four keychains (two of them I kept for myself, the rest I donated). The other activity was…the Board Game Club. Too bad they don’t have monopoly game, otherwise I would like to play and it would have been really fun, watching people landing on my squares full of houses and hotels. The only game I was able to play was the werewolf game. In this game, there are basically a number of different types of characters such as villagers, spellcasters and, of course, werewolfs. The main objective is…to kill the werewolfs by some sort of vote or something…I don’t really know how to explain it…but anyways, it’s pretty fun.

And…now, on to the exchange program announcement.

Earlier I briefly hinted of the so called ‘Project Tundra’ and have given extremely little details about it. Now it’s time to unveil it to the public…

Basically, this is a code name for my exchange program, which I will be going on in September. The destination I chose was…University of Sussex, UK. I have yet to formally fill in the application form and submit it, as the International Relations office haven’t give out the application form yet. After that and once I got accepted, I’ll have to apply for a dorm there. I’ve looked on Sussex website, and there are a number of dorms that I like. Park Village is a good one; it’s not overly expensive and it has pretty much everything including laundry (self-service laundry, not like the one I use to at Bundit). This dorm has rooms with a shared bathroom, which is alright. A dorm with a built-in private bathroom in the bedroom would have been nice, but it’s quite expensive, especially the fact that the rent figures for all dorms quoted was per week, not per month!

Overall, I’m really looking forward to this, especially the fact that, if things go well, my very first trip outside of Asia is only two semesters away. Since I joined MUIC, I did get to know a lot of exchange students, learning about their experiences as an exchange student, and…within two semesters it will be my turn to be an exchange student going abroad.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…


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