Header image changed

Hey guys; again…

Yep, second post in a day…

So, I mentioned about a new header image for the blog in my last post about my new iPhone 8. In this post I’m going to go into further details about the new header image…

Unlike the last one, this header image is pretty simple. I just took a photo of the new inflatable swim ring I bought from Toys-R-Us today, and uploaded it (note by the time the last post was published an earlier image of the same ring was used, but I didn’t like it because the whole ring is not visible when actually viewing the blog). With this new image, however, the whole ring is visible, even while viewing the blog (the whole ring is even visible while viewing the blog on my phone). I actually could have taken a photo of an inflatable swim ring I bought from October 2016 (also from Toys-R-Us) and use that as a header image, but sadly that ring popped like two days ago and using an image of a popped ring as the header image would just make me feel bad…

Oh…one cool thing I found out, after scanning the artwork that came with my new inflatable swim rings, I found out that the rings were by Intex! At first I thought that the rings from Toys-R-Us would be unbranded, but…this proved not to be the case. And…interestingly enough, while looking up for Intex rings on Ebay, I even found the one I bought in October 2016! If there is one reason I liked Intex rings is that, although the size on the packaging says 24 inches, I’m able to fit in quite nicely (I’m quite sure that all the rings I bought from Toys-R-Us since 2014 were Intex rings). In addition, the price at Toys-R-Us was way, way cheaper than the rings of the same size I bought elsewhere (120 baht for the Disney ring in November last year from Tesco Lotus). Another thing I like about Intex rings is that they’re pretty durable. The one that popped two days ago was bought in October 2016, and the very first ring I bought from Toys-R-Us which popped earlier in May 2016, was bought in like early 2014 and there is still one ring that I bought from 2015 (which I would assume to be Intex ring as well) which is still usable to this day.

Though I could actually try to remove all the background and create an image of the ring on a transparent background, I decided not to as it’s going to take too much time and…the current image already looks good, so no further edit is required.

Anyways, I guess that’s it for now…and BTW, in the rightmost corner of the photo you can also see parts of my bed…


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