My first impression of the iPhone 8

Hey guys;

So, yesterday, February 28th, 2018, was my birthday. Although I was born on the 29th, there’s no February 29th this year, so I’m celebrating on the 28th instead (also, from now on, ‘my birthday is on the last day of February’ will be the answer I’ll give when someone asks me what is my birthday). This year, I got a brand new iPhone 8 from my dad as a present. However this is not a free present; I have to take out parts of my savings to get him to allow me to buy it!

Anyways…let’s start with the unboxing. I must say, it’s a very smooth experience; there’s no need to cut anything (although it’s most likely that some outer layer of the packaging that require cutting was removed at the shop in MBK when my dad bought the phone). Inside the box was the usual things you would find when you open a brand new iPhone – charging cable, headphone, the power adapter, the manuals and of course the phone itself.

There were three colors available – silver, gold and space gray. I chose space gray because I wanted something different, plus I’ve been using a light color iPhone since like the iPhone 4S back in like late 2013.

When I turn the iPhone 8 on, the black boot screen with the white Apple logo brought back memories of my iPod Touch 4th Generation and the iPhone 4, both of which are my very first Apple devices I use and actually own.

Setting up and transfering data was the usual time consuming job…when I first attempted to restore my new iPhone using the backup, iTunes complained about iOS version incompatibility. So I went ahead and set up my iPhone 8 as a new iPhone, and when I went ahead into the about section to check the version of iOS it is currently running, the version of iOS that  was shipped with my new iPhone 8 was…11.0.3. Yep, iOS 11.0.3! I don’t know why the shop couldn’t sell my dad a copy that came with iOS 11.2 at least…but if iPhone backups are version dependent, I guess at the end it won’t matter which version of iOS the phone originally came with since I’ll have to update anyway, unless if the shop has a copy of the iPhone with iOS 11.2.6 installed, which is next to impossible given that iOS 11.2.6 was just released some weeks ago. However it is also possible that the copy I got was actually one of the very first copies of the iPhone 8 to be sold in Thailand. If this is the case, then that would be really cool. Anyways…once I updated the iPhone 8 to iOS 11.2.6, the restore process proceeded very smoothly as always. Setting all of my apps was relatively easy; I originally thought of doing all of that today because I think it would take a long time but…no. After an hour my iPhone 8 was ready for use, with pretty much all of my data and apps installed, apart from all of my saved password, which I later found out that I have them saved in iCloud and so I went ahead and retreive them. I didn’t know that I’ve been storing passwords on iCloud until today…

When it comes to using the device, I must say, it’s really, really satisfying. The device was really fast and responsive, just as what I want. The battery life was really great, but…this is a brand new phone, so you can always expect the battery life to be amazing.

In addition, I’m very impressed by how many of my apps supported 3D touch, for example the Apple Insider app. I hope BBC app has this as well, so I could quickly check the latest headlines without jumping into the app… Siri was also very fast and responsive.

In terms of camera quality…I must say it’s really good. The new header image of the blog (yes, I just changed the blog’s header image; a post dedicated to this topic will be up soon) was taken with the iPhone 8, in my bedroom at home, and…the result was very good. That 12MP camera did help when taking pictures in a darker environment…I’ll have to see whether it’ll be like that when I actually take photos and videos, let’s say on a train at night…

Overall, I’m really impressed by the iPhone 8. It’s really fast and the camera was quite good. Since I’ll be replacing my iPhone 6, the difference between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 8 was huge.

If you’re thinking whether to buy it…if you currently have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6, then I think the price tag of nearly THB 30,000 is worth-it, considering the huge difference in performance and functionality (especially if you’re coming from the iPhone 6 or older). Just be aware though, that the iPhone 8 won’t have a headphone jack, so you would either need to get an adapter that allows you to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time, use the lightning headphone that comes with the iPhone 8, or buy the AirPods. But if you currently have an iPhone 7, then I don’t think the price tag would be worth-it, especially if you have a 128GB iPhone 7.

Anyways, that’s it for this post. And just in case you’re wondering with storage configuration I chose, I chose the base model, the 64GB model of course. 64GB served me pretty well on my iPhone 6, so I saw no reason to jump to 256GB…


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