New header image, again

Hey guys;

So, that previously uploaded header image didn’t last long…

Though the previous header image looks good already, I think this one looks better as, it shows my newest inflatable toy and, my favorite one at the moment, in place of my unicorn, my shark and my dolphin, all of them are popped.

As this weekend I was on a family trip to Cha Am, I managed to buy the inflatable whale that you see in the photo. I originally wanted a dolphin that looks just like the one that popped last month, but couldn’t find any so…I decided, at least buy something is better than coming home empty handed. And since this whale is roughly the same size as my unicorn, shark and dolphin, I can hug it at night easily, and I can also carry it around because it wouldn’t take much effort to deflate and it, when deflated, will most likely fit into my bag.

I might try once again at making an image with just the whale placed on a different background, but I doubt it as the current image is good already.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…


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