A wonderful evening and night against a backdrop setbacks

Hey guys;

Wonder what does the title of the post mean? Well, today, specifically the evening and what follows, is…amazing, but all of these wonderful things are taking place in the middle of a series of setbacks. Yes, there were some pretty major setbacks in recent days (both academic and non-academic). I’ll cover the wonderful events that occurred today first, before covering the setbacks.

The amazing began at the Board Game Club session. The session is pretty ordinary, but since I feared that there wouldn’t be enough events for this month, I decided to create one by documenting the games I participated in, which is the same game I played in the last couple of weeks (once again I’m not sure how to write/spell the English name). Basically this game have players divided into two teams, red and blue, which were united by a king, which changes every turn. The king will assign a set number of players on a mission, and everyone has to vote either to approve or to reject the team being sent to do the mission. Once the selected players have been approved, they have to choose either a success or a fail card, which will determine whether the mission is successful or not. For a blue player, he or she must choose the success card only but for a red player he or she can choose either a success or a fail card. In a two-person or a three-person mission, a mission is considered fail if at least one fail card is chosen. The blue team is awarded points if the mission is successful, the red will get points if the mission fails. A team that can reach three points is the winner.

Today I played on the blue side, but sadly enough my team lost, because of some failed missions; probably there were some reds that are pretending to be blue…and they were somehow chosen to take on the missions. I could have continue to the second play, but as I have an appointment at 5:15PM I have to leave after the first play.

Now, on to the fun part! Me and one of my exchange friends decided earlier to watch a musical (I didn’t know that there would be one until she told me). Since it’s taking place directly at MUIC and this gives me an opportunity to document it as another event, I decided to accept the invitation.

We met up at the canteen in of the old building, around the time that we agreed on earlier. Since it’s still rather early, we went into the elevator area where there is air-conditioner and sat for a while, before going up to the auditorium on the third floor of which the musical is to take place. There we waited until it’s time to go in, which is around 5:30PM.

We spent a few minutes trying to secure places, but luckily it’s relatively painless. Once we went inside, we waited a good half and hour before the musical officially starts.

Once the musical starts, I realized immediately that it’s a play, and the way it’s being organized reminds me of the High School Production play I watched back in May 2015 at STA. The musical this time is a Disney musical, rather than ‘Flash’.

Just like the High School Production performance back then, I took a lot of photos and videos during the performance. I must say, tonight’s musical is very well organized, pretty much at the same level as the production play back at STA in May 2015. In fact I think the quality of tonight’s musical is exactly the same as that of the ‘Flash’ play back then.

Unlike the ‘Flash’ play, this musical lasts for just an hour, and there is no break. This is because, I assume, the musical had just one act whereas the ‘Flash’ play at STA had two acts. But both performances do share one common thing, and that is the mix of character dialogs and music, however the music is not being directly performed but rather more like a karaoke. The use of sound effects are also present in both performances, however the ‘Flash’ play at STA uses more sound effects than tonight’s musical, same goes for the props (the rocket in the ‘Flash’ play comes to my mind). Though me and my exchange friend sat a bit back from the stage, I used the zoom feature on my iPhone 8’s camera to record the stage. The result is that the characters and the stage appeared so close as if I was sitting at the front row. But during the ‘Flash’ play at STA I don’t have to zoom in as the seat was arranged in a more circular shape and I was sitting at the front row so all performances are taking place right in front of my eyes.

Overall, I must say, the Disney musical is really enjoyable, and certainly brought back memories of the ‘Flash’ play I watched at STA back in May 2015.

Now, let’s move on to the final event which is…dinner. Yep, since it’s right after the musical and that me and my exchange went to have dinner, I decided to document that as well.

The place I originally chose was a Chinese restaurant at a market in front of Mahidol, but I couldn’t remember the exact name on top of my head so I have to go for another Chinese restaurant that the taxi driver suggests, which is also around the same area.

After the musical, we went to wait for a taxi at a bus stop where we normally board the dorm van. Actually the dorm van arrived before the taxi, but it was full so we decided to wait for the taxi anyway. It took a little while until a taxi shows up.

The restaurant that we dined at is actually a branch of the same restaurant that my mom use to order Chinese foods from, which is pretty nice. I ordered some triangle fried shrimp thing along with some rice with fried pork and coke. My exchange friend ordered some steamed vegetables. I actually ordered two bottles of coke (one for my exchange friend) but the second bottle ended up not being opened so I decided to return it.

Towards the end, when the bill came, the price is around 240-250 baht for my meals, which is literally half of what I paid some months ago (yeah, that 479 baht dinner with an exchange student whom I’m a buddy of back in October is still in my head). At least it’s Wednesday and for this semester I’m going back home on Wednesdays since I don’t have classes on Thursdays so I can get extra money for Friday, so no more rationing I guess.

Overall, I would say the dinner was great and enjoyable, although it would been a lot more fun with more people. But it’s still enjoyable nonetheless…

Now, on to the setbacks…and I must say, it’s going to be somewhat lengthy…

If there is one thing that makes 2018 look like 2016 up to this point, that is the setbacks. Since last week alone, there had been at least two major setbacks, one academic and one non-academic. I’ll start with the academic setback first…

So, last week the last of my midterm results were released, one extremely good and the other was…horrible. But I’ll focus on the horrible one…

The subject of which I got a horrible score for my midterm exam is…you guessed it, Business Finance. No, really. The score is truely terrible. I got only 22 out of 40. That’s just a bit more than half, and it’s not even 60%. Perhaps the only bit of relief I get is that the average for my section is around 19.7, which means I got above the average, which sounds good enough but that score above the average is not within the passing threshold.

So, with that in mind, I couldn’t truely decide whether to use the escape rope. After receiving some information back from my teacher regarding my performance, and also considering that if I retreat now, I might not get any tutoring in the future (yeah, that last-minute tutoring before the midterm didn’t really give me a good enough score to make me feel comfortable), I decided not to use the escape rope. If you’re wondering what I mean by ‘escape rope’, I mean pushing the withdraw button.

Now, as if that 22 out of 40 for the midterm was bad enough, today I had a quiz and I got only 6 out of 10. As if that wasn’t also bad enough, I got only 4 out of 10 on a practice problem set. Yeah, 4 out of 10! Really? Am I really that unlucky? Now I actually started to think whether I have just made the biggest mistake earlier by not withdrawing from this class, as it seems the chance of getting F for this subject is really high.

But…is this the first time I’m in this sort of situation? Nope. This is the sixth time since I joined MUIC. Yep, sixth time in a row! First Principle Mathematics, then Principle Physics, then Fundamental Financial Accounting, then Fundamental Mathematics, then Computer Software Usage Skills, and…finally this subject, Business Finance. But in all five past cases, I passed, with either a D+ or a C, but I don’t think I can truly trust statistics this time as I heard that the final exam is going to be very hard.

Now, on to the non-academic setbacks…

If 2018 was to look like 2016, it has to share one characteristics, and that is the lack of trips. Yep, so far in 2018 I haven’t been able to go on any trips organized by MUIC clubs. In 2016 I was able to go on one, but that only happen because of sheer luck.

In fact I almost got a day trip, but one thing completely shattered it. An error in the list of participants. Yep, a last-minute discovery of an error in the list of confirmed participants by the trip’s organizing committee destroyed my highly anticipated trip! To make long story short, I signed up for this trip, which is on a first come bases and to be honest I signed up a few hours later. Once the list is posted and my ID was on the list, I got really excited, finally my first club trip of the year! To make long story short, on Thursday night I was told that the list contains an error and that my ID shouldn’t be on that list. Upon receiving this notice, I became really mad, upset and depressed, hence the rage in a very harsh language you saw on my Facebook timeline. I just…couldn’t contain my feelings anymore; this is way too ridiculous. Not having my ID appeared on the list of confirmed participants for a trip was bad, but having my ID appeared on such lists only to find out that it was an error was worse.

I know for you my Facebook friends you already read my rage, but for those of you my blog readers who are not my Facebook friends you haven’t read it yet, so instead I’m going to repeat pretty much the same rage again, but perhaps in a softer language. For those of you my Facebook friends after reading this paragraph you may close the current browser tab or click the back button on your browser since the rant is going to be similar, if not exactly the same, as the one I posted last Thursday, but you may continue reading if you wish as there would always be some new content that I might came up with since my Facebook post.

As I mentioned, having my student ID appeared on the list of confirmed participants for a trip, only to discovered that it was an error two days before the trip was worse than not having my ID appearing in the first. Like, a million times worse. Really? This is like…I don’t know how many times already I’ve been denied the opportunity to participate in a club trip. And…I’m absolutely sick of it. True I didn’t sign up for any last semester and earlier this semester, but that’s because by the time the trips are going to take place I might have some other things to do that are considered to be more important. But still, that feeling of being rejected for a club trip is really bad and…I really want this to stop. No, really. I’m dead serious. This has been going on long enough! Actually you know what, the organizers of the past Saturday trip even told me that there’s going to be another trip/event, but…guess what, I’m not in the mood to join. If you’re going to reject me for a trip just because me, as a visually impaired student, takes more time than everyone else to sign up, then I’m not going to join your next trip as a form of protest. And…I’ll make myself clear. If next semester I failed to secure places on club trips just because it takes longer for me to sign up compared to other non-visually impaired students, then I’ll not only boycott those trips for the rest of the term, but I’ll also demand an investigation into whether the first come first serve system that MUIC club trips tend to operate is discriminatory towards students with vision impairment because, really, with such a system, students like me who are visually impaired and have to rely on screen readers to read through and fill in the registration form are often at a disadvantage. I think I might heard of a campaign/mission to make Mahidol an inclusive university somewhere, but so far based on how I was treated when it comes to registering for club trips, I don’t think inclusive society exists yet, at least for MUIC.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…I’ll add more if I can think of anything else to add to this post…

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