My initial opinion on iPhone 8 Product RED

Hey guys;

So, some days ago Apple just announced the iPhone 8 Product Red. This is similar to what Apple did last year with the iPhone 7.

Though I haven’t personally seen one at iStudio or AIS Shop yet, I’d imagine it would be exactly just like the regular iPhone 8, just in red color.

Now, the main question I want to try and answer is this: Is it worth buying? Well my personal answer would be…depends on (1) which iPhone are you using, and (2) when was the last time you bought your newest iPhone. If you’re using something like an iPhone 6 or 6S and you bought it like a year ago or more, then I think the Product RED iPhone 8 is worth the money. At iStudio and AIS Shop it costs 28,500-29,000 baht for the 64GB, 4.7 inch model (cheaper prices may be found at MBK, but I’m not sure if it’s as easy to find as the regular iPhone 8). If you’re using an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 8 already and you happen to just bought your new iPhone like me, then I don’t think the Product RED iPhone 8 is worth the money (it’s just a new color, nothing else). Though the sales of iPhone 8 Product RED does contribute to the Global fund to fight AIDS in Africa, it’s better to support its cause by donating directly. If you really want a Product Red on your iPhone but don’t want to buy a new iPhone, then I think a Product RED case would not be too bad; after all they only go for a few thousand baht at most.

So…yeah, that’s it for now…happy Songkran everyone.

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