A very interesting week to start off a new semester

Hey guys;

So, the first week of the third semester of this academic year has ended, and…I must say, it’s a very interesting week due to a combination of unexpected and interesting things, in particular the fact that I received a very good news of a major event further down the road towards the end of June.

As I mentioned, this first week is not exactly a typical first week of the semester, as far as things outside the academic field goes. The first unexpected thing is…I got a new beach ball. Yep, this is actually a thing. I know I already talk about this on Facebook, but…I’m still feeling so happy internally and so can’t resist the temptation to talk about it again…

If there is ever a case where I would get gifts out of the blue, this unexpected gift I received on the very first day of the semester is exactly just that. Yeah, a gift on a very first day of the semester! Given that I’m such an unlucky guy, I thought I would never receive any gifts from anyone on any day of my life…but that Monday 23 April 2018 is to prove me wrong, or so it seems as this might be the last time I get a gift from someone for a very long while, if not the last time ever.

Anyways, I was having lunch normally, until I opened my phone and noticed that there’s a notification from Facebook Messenger, informing me that there’s a new message request. Given that I’m a curious guy who likes to open unusual notifications to see what’s up, I decided to just…open it (hey, it’s just a notification, and I’m on an iPhone, so I can’t get infected with malware). Inside that message request screen was a rather long message and I can tell the sender wants to talk to me about something so I just accepted the notification (I can’t remember the full text on top of my head, and even if I can go get a screenshot of it I’m not going to do so for privacy reasons). But the message basically goes along the line of informing me that I got some sort of a gift and that the sender wants to meet up. Well, what could that be? I decided to just accept the request, pretty much without considering anything else.

After lunch, I’m finally able to fix the time and place to meet, which is at my dorm. Given that Bundit vans take forever to come, I decided to take a taxi. I ended up arriving there like more than 15 minutes before the agreed time (at the end it doesn’t matter anyway as the sender of that mysterious message was a bit late). At last the person showed up and handed me a package which has a note attached. I could actually open it right away but since it’s almost time for my 2PM class I decided to wait until after class.

Once I got back to my dorm after class, I decided to open the mysterious package. And, to my surprise, it’s…a beach ball, a classic beach ball! It’s exactly the kind of beach ball that I’ve been wanting for some time after seeing videos of it on Youtube!

Immediately, I was filled with joy and happiness. I tried in the past to look for one at places like Hua Hin but couldn’t even find one. My speculation is that the person who bought this for me must have bought it from abroad somewhere. Though the attached note would have the information regarding where the beach ball was bought, I experienced problems trying to scan it using the Office Lens app so I waited until the next day when I met up with one of my friend at university to get her to read out the note to me. It was then that my speculation is confirmed. Anyways, once I took the beach ball out of the packaging, I cleaned it a bit and immediately inflated it and…it is indeed a brand new beach ball, in a perfect condition. And…immediately I like it, pretty much on the same level as my little whale that I bought last month. Maybe next time I might start carrying that beach ball around as well as…I actually started to miss it…

Alright, that’s enough of the beach ball, let’s move on to the really big thing…

One of the subjects I registered for is Global Leadership Development. So far it’s an interesting subject, but what really makes me feel glad is that…this subject has a required residential trip. Yep, a residential trip that makes up part of the final grade! Immediately when the teacher mentioned that there will be a residential trip I immediately feel happy because, this means that I now have at least one residential trip in 2018, which will automatically become the best event of the year. And what’s so lovely about this trip is that it counts for 10% (5% for just going on the trip plus 5% for completing and submitting the reflective report) of the grade, which means for a residential trip lover like me this should be an easy 5% or 10%, at least in theory. Don’t you just love it when 5-10% of the grade can only be unlocked by going on a class trip? Given that I will most likely fail to secure places on club trips, this compulsory class trip is a very welcoming event.

This residential trip is from 30 June to 1 July. Pretty short, but…hey, it’s better than nothing. For this trip, my class will be staying at Hua Hin, doing some activities there. Oh, I can already imagine myself having fun doing activities with the rest of the class there. And…yes, I’m going on this trip for sure. Even though I may have some homework/other group assignments due shortly after the trip but…I don’t care. I’m stubborn, I’m determined, I want that 5-10%.

Oh, one thing I forgot about this class, which is related to the trip, is the fact that this class is perhaps unique in a way that there is actually a class president. Yeah, as the class is all about developing leadership skills it makes sense to create a role of class president. Yesterday the teacher selected five candidates who scored highest in the leadership readiness test, and asked the whole class to vote. But before the vote takes place, each candidate is asked to give a small speech informing the class of his or her policies if elected.

The voting procedure is very simple. Everyone is asked to write down a number (one to five) on a piece of paper which corresponds to the candidate number and then submit that piece of paper back to the teacher. The teacher then asked for two volunteers (one help counting the votes and the other announcing each vote). As for who I chose well…I prefer not to tell you directly, but…here’s the hint. The candidate number I chose is the answer after you take the square root of 16 or the square of the smallest prime number (one is not a prime number). Anyways, the result is…candidate NO.4 won the election, albeit narrowly. During the counting process candidate NO.5 came out on top for a few times, before candidate NO.4 finally prevailed for the last few votes.

So how does this role of class president related to the Hua Hin trip? Well the president, along with the four others chosen by the teacher, will actually help the teacher in organizing the trip. So, in other words, this residential trip is not organized by the teacher alone; a select group of students get to help organize the trip as well.

Alright, with the two very good things out of the way, let’s move on to one more thing which is not overly good, but at the same time it’s not too bad…

So, originally I registered for Management Science class. During the first two classes the teacher informed me that he may not have all the necessary resources ready for me. Plus, I do heard people saying that it’s going to be very hard. The fact that people said that this class is going to be really hard worried me, as…this could potentially lead to the very same situation as the last six semesters, that is…deciding whether to withdraw from the class due to poor midterm score. But today, I decided that I do not want to suffer from that situation again, so I decided to swap Management Science out for Export Import Management. The process is a bit messy as I’m doing this out of the normal add/drop period and that the targeted class is full, but…at least I got what I wanted. Multinational Corporate Finance may potentially pose a problem for me simply because it involves math and it is a continuation of Business Finance, but having just one subject to worry about is better than two subjects to deal with at the same time…

So…anyways, I guess that’s it for now…

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