Hey guys;

Post title in capital letters…hmmm, what could that mean?

…Well, the clue is in the hashtag above. The month of September and the year (this year, 2018) is part of the hashtag. The capital letter and the hashtag means extreme excitement. So what with September this year that I’m super excited about?

Still didn’t figure it out? Alright…I’ll tell you.

Yesterday I received an email in my Mahidol inbox. As that account is rarely used, an email landing out of the blue in that inbox is not usual. Since I rarely used this account, it doesn’t hurt to open just one single email, right? After all, I’m on my iPhone, so malware can’t infect me even if that email proved to be malicious.

When I opened the email, the content of it really made me happy. Yes, my dream has finally came true! And…no, it’s not an invitation by my best friend to go to Finland this summer to see the midnight sun or this Christmas to play in the snow, but…a confirmation that I’ve been accepted to study in the UK this September! Remember when I told you that my situation might be changing past June? Well with this confirmation, it’s now a fact that my situation will be changing after June. Finally, a chance to travel outside of Asia! This exchange program will be my very first time traveling to the western world.

There are of course a few more things to do, specifically I still need to send a reply form back (most likely via email). Then there’s the visa stuff to take care of. I do also need to complete a final bit of MUIC exchange program application, that is writing an essay and filling in the form provided by MUIC. Oh, and there’s the dorm application to take care of, but that’s still a bit further down the road.

So, how was the exchange program application process up to this point? Well, I must say, it’s relatively painless. Though there were some paperwork, mostly related to submitting required documents, they’re relatively quick and easy. Though it took until the last weeks of the last semester to get my application form handed in, but that is mainly because I took a great deal of care in filling in the necessary details correctly, as well as choosing my subjects.

Once the application form had been sent away to the UK, later I learned that there is a bit of an issue with my TOEFL result, specifically my speaking score did not meet the minimum requirement, but luckily things got worked out after I was granted special exceptions.

So…yeah, after that I heard literally nothing from the host university for like two weeks until I was told that they experienced issues trying to send me an email, so I gave them, via MUIC’s exchange office, my Mahidol email and…this pretty much leads to the email I got yesterday. That email that the host university is trying to send to me is a confirmation that I got accepted!

So…with the official confirmation from the University of Sussex, I officially declare that the countdown towards September has started. Including this month, it’s roughly five months until September. I’m really looking forward to this exchange program. It’s going to be exciting and, hopefully, fun.

In addition to the update on my exchange program, I would also like to use this post to talk about the first two weeks of this semester, as the second week of the semester ended just today…

I already talked about last week, so I don’t think I’m going to repeat much about it…

This second week is pretty much an ordinary week, with hnothing special, apart from the fact that I finally managed to swap out my management science class for export import management. Whether this is a good decision…I don’t really know, but…I really can’t afford to suffer the same kind of situation for the seventh semester in a row (low midterm scores, making decision whether to withdraw a subject, you know the deal). And…I’ll also use this post to comment on other subjects up to this point, including export import management.

Multinational corporate finance: So far, this subject seems a bit easy. The only calculation so far involves the conversion between currencies, so it’s not too hard yet but…who knows, maybe things will get incredibly hard from now on as this class is more or less a continuation of business finance. There is also a group work, and I haven’t got a group. But I’m sure my teacher will sort this out for me…

Integrated marketing communication: So far, it’s an interesting class. Class activities kept the lectures from being too boring. And…guess what, they’re all group activities. For this class though, I don’t have to ask my teacher to form a group for me because luckily my friend who happen to be the one I worked with during my French class this very semester last year invited me into her group. In terms of content, it’s pretty much an extention of the principles of marketing class, just like the marketing research class last semester.

Global leadership development: This subject is rather an interesting subject, because mainly it’s the only subject where I’m allowed to select which chapters to revise for both the midterm and the final exams (chapter 5 is compulsory for the midterm exam). Also as I mentioned before, this subject includes a compulsory residential trip to Hua Hin. Just going on the trip will be rewarded with 5%, but however by submitting a reflective report I’ll be rewarded another 5%, making this trip account for 10% of the grade. Oh, there is also a group project. Once again I do not have to ask my teacher to assign me to a group because I was invited to join a group, this time by two of my former business communication classmates.

Export import management: I must say, the attendance checking process is very advanced. Basically, everyone was given a QR code which they must keep for the rest of the semester, and in order to mark themselves as present, they have to scan the QR code and take a photo of themselves. Just as you thought that mobile phones won’t see much use during classes…this class is here to surprise you. Oh, this subject also has group work, but once again I’m sure I can get my teacher to assign a group for me.

One very interesting thing this semester is that, in all of my classes, I met one or more people who I formerly shared classes with, in two of the subjects taken this semester I’m even in the same group as them.

Oh, this second week of the semester ends today, not yesterday because today there’s a make up class for intigrated marketing communication. Basically this make up session is a so called ‘client brief’ session where guest speakers for the company that the group project is going to be based on are invited to talk about their company. This was suppose to be a question/answer session, but there is this one person who, I don’t know why, rather than asking a question this person decided to give a lecture on what the company should do. How does that even fit into the purpose of the session? At least this person, after failing to gain support from anyone, finally gives up on the lecture, thus allowing the question/answer to continue.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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