A follow-up to my earlier post about my exchange program

Hey guys;

Today’s post will mainly be a follow-up post to my post on Friday.

In that post, I talked about the fact that I’ve received an official confirmation that I’ve been accepted to study at University of Sussex for the upcoming autumn semester, and also talked about the application process in brief. But I haven’t really talked about what I’m going to do once I get there, in terms of my travel plans. So in this post I’ll try to mainly focus on that.

Just like my exchange friends who came to study at MUIC and also spend weekends traveling around (even going abroad), I feel that I should do the same. If my exchange friends can do that while studying at MUIC, there’s nothing wrong for me to do the same while studying at Sussex.

In terms of where to go…well let’s be real, there are a lot of places to go, even in the UK alone. If I decided to apply for a Schengen visa (which I’ll most likely push for it to happen), I’ll be able to travel to most places on the mainland. Switzerland is an interesting place to visit, the late Thai King use to stay there and there are a number of places that he has stayed/visited in the country. Switzerland is reachable by trains (yep, I intend to try to travel by train as much as possible), albeit not a nonstop service from London, first I have to take a Eurostar train to Paris and then switch to a TGV train going into Zurich, Switzerland. From there, I believe I can use trains to reach other parts of the country, although I haven’t really look this up in detail yet. Finland is yet another possible place to visit, although getting there by train is a bit more complicated, not just the fact that it can take three or four days, but the fact that there are a few change of trains involved. In terms of attractiveness/interesting places/things to do…visiting and spending time with my best friend is all I got. But…hey, at least it’s enjoyable and I always feel happy when my best friend is around with me. For both places, if I time my trip right, I might even get a chance to see real snow, and…that means a golden opportunity for selfies and…probably a new profile picture for my Facebook, Line, Skype and Whatsapp, along with a new cover photo for my Facebook.

Now, whether I’ll go to the mentioned countries, or indeed any other places alone…I’m not sure. I hope I don’t have to do that as I prefer traveling in groups, but I’ll make myself clear right now that if traveling alone, independently is the only way to achieve my supreme dream of seeing real snow, then I’ll commit to it. I’ve been dreaming for real snow since like when I was young, and this exchange program is the golden chance to make it happen, and I will make sure that this dream becomes a reality. Perhaps if I’m really lucky, I might only have to travel to Scotland or, if I’m extremely lucky, just to northern England. I know traveling to places like Finland just to see real snow and get a nice selfie sounds stupid and it might actually be, but there are always other interesting places to visit and things to do, other than just hanging out in the snow with my best friend. I just haven’t really look up any interesting places or things to do within any countries I plan to visit yet. Perhaps going to Disneyland in Paris or some museums could be some of the options.

Once I get to Sussex, what I’ll perhaps try to do, is to team up with some other exchange students (most likely on the orientation day), and ask if they have any travel plans throughout the semester. If they didn’t have one or if they did but they haven’t book anything yet I’ll ask if I could join them as well. It’s much better and more fun to travel in groups…I’ll try to push them to choose trains instead of planes, but I will still go by airplanes if they insist on doing so. Because it’s a group travel, you kind of have to follow the group decision…although you get to try to influence the group to go with your ideas.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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