A somewhat cool week…

Hey guys;

So, the fourth week of the semester is over. Well…I must say it’s a cool and interesting week, mainly because there were two events that were like right after one another, but since they were nothing too big, I’ll just cover in brief. Also I have an announcement about the much anticipated Hua Hin residential trip, which I will cover after I talked about the two events this week.

The first event is…going out for dinner. Yeah, second time that I actually made this an event. This took place earlier on Tuesday. I was watching people in the drama and musical club preparing for the musical on July 4th. Given that I had nothing to do on Tuesday so I decided to waited it out. When I heard people talking about going out for dinner I decided to ask if I could join and were accepted promptly.

The place we chose to eat was a small restaurant at the market in front of the university. Since it’s not too far away and the weather is good we decided to walk. Other than me there were around five other people; pretty much the ones who stayed until the end to work on their parts.

I ordered steamed rice, fried fish and squid. The rice is…pretty average, but the fish and the squid actually tasted really good. I actually manages to finish both of them. During that time me and other people in the group just eat and talk. Eventually when it comes to pay the dinner bill, my total bill was 120 baht, which is not too bad.

After dinner we went to a nearby dessert place to grab some dessert. I ordered a small plate of ice cream because…I was very full. The ice cream came in a very interesting plate, as…it’s not a conventional plate, rather, it had some parts sticking out on the sides and also on the top. But nonetheless the ice cream tasted really, really good. All in all by the time I got back to my dorm it was like close to 9PM.

The next event was…the volunteers club activity, which took place both yesterday and today. For this semester, the activity was…making vocabulary flashcards for kids. I’m glad that the on-campus activity changes every semester, which kept it from being too boring. Since I couldn’t draw I decided to just ask someone to help draw for me, and today I did try to draw some simple shapes, and also I decided to color in the background, and left the shape drawing part to the staff. That’s pretty much it…this event is not a major event so I won’t really cover it in detail.

Now, on to the Hua Hin trip announcement.

This trip, which is a compulsory component of the global leadership development class, is scheduled for June 30th and July 1st. But however someone in my class told the teacher that it clashes with a prom for the seniors (those with ID 578xxxx), and so asked for it to be moved (in fact I think the trip had already been moved behind the scene). So, what’s the new date? Conveniently enough, it’s right the following week, from July 7th to July 8th.

Personally, I have no issue with that, but…really, I don’t really know why is it that the trip has to be moved just because a group of seniors want to go to the prom. I understand that 10% is too hard to give up, but…if they really want to get that 10%, why can’t they just skip the prom this year? Or even better, why couldn’t they just push for the prom organizers to change it to a different date? Just tell the organizers that the trip can’t be skipped because it’s an important part of the course and that it makes up 10% of the grade. Although surprisingly, the teacher also mentioned that she has to attend a compulsory conference, so…I guess whether the prom is moved or not it doesn’t really matter because the trip can’t take place on the originally scheduled dates anyway…

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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