Wonderful May 2018: A totally unexpected chain of events

Hey guys;

Last week was already packed with events, this week is almost no different. There were three events, one of them even occurred, rather unexpectedly (or so it seems), on a Sunday! In total this chain of events, which I will call ‘wonderful May’, contains five events (there are still rooms for a sixth event, if that is even a thing).

The first two events took place last week, and I already covered them, so I will not cover them again. I’ll go straight to the remaining three events.

I just talked about an event that happened on a Sunday, and…surprise, that is actually the third event of this chain and so it will be the first event I’ll cover in this post…

If 2018 is to be a year full of unexpected events and surprises, Sunday, 20th May is certainly a good example. But wait, don’t think that it’s a big event like a residential trip (there were actually suppose to be a residential trip running from May 19th to May 20th and I did try to sign up, but haven’t heard back so I assume I didn’t get the place – which really sucks). And don’t expect that it’s me hanging out with my best friend again either as she’s still in Finland. The event, let’s be very clear, is rather small but is still significant nonetheless. It’s…lunch at Siam. Yep, a simple lunch that magically turns into a significant event. The only required component is one of my friends being present and my parents not being involved, which is exactly what happened on Sunday, May 20th.

The person I had lunch with was…my friend. Uh, not a friend from MUIC or any of the younger kids I know from STA, but…a person who I initially met at a water park in Central Bangnah back in early May 2016. Yeah, a very unexpected place to find new friends…anyhow, I’m not going to explain how we met up since the story is way too long/I don’t know how to put things together into a proper format.

Actually me and my friend discussed the possibility of meeting up several times, but couldn’t find the right time. But finally we found out that on Sunday, May 20th, we’re both free so we decided to arrange to meet up at Siam.

The only significant thing we did was…having lunch at a restaurant in Siam Paragon. I ordered a spaghetti. In fact we both ordered exactly the same thing. I also ordered chocolate cake as a dessert.

We just spend time eating and…chatting. When the total bill came, the whole thing I ordered, or so I thought, was 445 baht (including VAT and service charge). Yep, 445 baht for a lunch. That’s crazy, isn’t it? Well…it’s a city center restaurant, so expect things to be extremely expensive… After lunch we just walk around a bit more and…pretty much that’s it.

The next event is…dinner. Yep, dinner again, and…with pretty much the same group of people as last Tuesday. Drama and musical club members. After the practice session – which I went to observe we decided to go for dinner. This time, however, we ate at the food court close to my dorm, instead of the market in front of Mahidol. Originally we planned to eat sushi, but there wasn’t enough seats for all of us so we just ate some foods outside.

I ordered rice with fried eggs and I also asked one people in the group to buy me some crisp chicken thing. The fried egg tasted just fine, but annoyingly enough there were some onions – which I forgot to ask for them to be removed when ordering – which sucks. The whole bill I have to pay was, around, 55 or 60 baht. That’s probably the cheapest dinner I had for a long while.

The last event was actually today, which is…visiting the new STA high school campus. Though the campus looks largely the same, but it’s always nice to go there and talk to some of my former teachers…

Me and one of my friends met up at around 11:30AM right past the entrance of the school. We also met one of my former teacher assistant who has been with me for quite the longest time during my high school days.

Not long afterwards, two of my friends who are also from the graduating class of 2015 also joined and together we explore around the school.

I’ve already givin my impression of the new high school campus already, but I’ll give my impression again. The new STA high school campus is very modern and big, with elevators installed at all buildings (there were three buildings, which are: Red, blue and gold). The best part is, these three buildings are fairly close to each other, so it’s really easy to commute from one building to the other.

We also visited the canteen, which, from what I can see, is really big, far bigger than the canteen at the old campus. I assume that the overcrowding problem is gone given that the canteen is much bigger…but I can’t really confirm with any degree of accuracy. And…let’s be real here, overcrowding at the canteen in the old campus was terrible. I think I experienced a few times where the lines would stretch all the way from the food counter to near one of the staircases. Prior to the completion of the new high school campus, the school was pretty much operating beyond the maximum carrying capacity. I guess the severity of overcrowding at the old campus forced the school’s management to consider splitting the school into separate campuses for both primary and high school.

We also met my former math teacher, which is probably the teacher we spent the longest time with since we just keeps chatting.

Overall, this chain of events is really…unexpected. As I mentioned earlier there is still room for the sixth events, but only time will tell whether there will be one. Visiting the STA high school campus really brought back memories of my STA days. It’s a wonderful experience and a lot of fun, but it was also the time that I experienced a significant number of troubles, mainly from the trolls (but that’s a story for another day).

The lunch on May 20th is also unexpected, given that I had never really successfully meet up with any of my friends on a weekend. This pretty much means that one of my wishes for 2018, which is to hang out with friends, has been fulfilled (in fact, this may have been fulfilled since the January 4th event).

So…what to look forward to next? Well…spending time at my best friend’s house some point after my midterm exams is most likely, if not a certainty. Musical performance is also another event to look forward to. And lastly, the Hua Hin residential trip. And…remember, there could be smaller events/other unexpected events, so…only time will tell.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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