First half of the semester review

Four months until September.

Hey guys;

The countdown towards September continues…

So, the sixth week has just ended, which means that it’s now exactly halfway through the semester. Time goes by really fast, isn’t it? Each week seems to be really short, but that’s mainly because I just have two classes per day and…since I don’t have classes on Fridays, I effectively have a perpetual long weekend.

The first half of the semester…I must say, has been quite dynamic. There were unexpected things, good events, and a good deal of frustrations. In this post I shall cover all of them – the unexpected, the good and the bad/ugly.

Let’s start off with the unexpected stuff…and that is…getting a new beach ball. Yes, I already covered this, so I’ll just mention it briefly. If you want to read the full coverage of it, try using the search function or browse through the April archives. In short, I received a beach ball, a classic beach ball, from one of my exchange friends who came to study at MUIC last semester. Last semester I mentioned to her that I wanted a classic beach ball, but I wouldn’t have expected that she will take that seriously…given that I never receive any inflatable toys from someone other than my parents, but what I got on 23 April proves that my exchange friend did indeed took what I told seriously. The fact that she went all the way to Malaysia to buy it and let one of her friends who are still in Thailand give it to me is really great, and to this day I’m still really grateful for that. Though the beach ball didn’t look exactly like the ones in the videos I saw on Youtube, it’s still a classic beach ball featuring the classic color patterns, which is exactly what I want.

Now on to the good things…and there were quite a number of them.

Um, where to start? Let’s start with the big news about my exchange program, I think.

So, after around a month of hearing nothing back from University of Sussex, I finally got an email reply confirming that I’ve been accepted to study there in September. At first they had problems sending the confirmation email to my personal email, so I give my university email to them via the student exchange office. I was really happy and excited when I finally got the reply confirming my acceptance, as this means that I will, for the first time, be traveling outside of Asia, to the homeland of the industrial revolution and the homeland of the once great empire – the UK. After I got the confirmation email, I immediately began filling out and completing the reply form and finally got it sent back a few days later via email. Then it’s down to the dorm application, which also proceeded quite smoothly and now I’m just waiting for the confirmation about my dorm and also the hard copy of my offer letter, which is required for obtaining a student visa. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply for my UK student visa this month…

In addition to my UK student visa, I also plan to apply for the Schengen visa as well, so that I can travel to other countries in Europe such as Finland, France or Switzerland. If exchange students who came to MUIC can travel abroad to neighboring countries, there is no reason why I can’t do the same when I take on the role of an exchange student in the UK.

But…the good things don’t quite end there yet! There was this so-called ‘wonderful May’, which is a series of events from May 15th to May 25th. I already cover that in my last post (I think), so please refer to that for the full coverage as I’ll not repeat here.

And finally, we arrive at the unfortunate part…the bad/ugly stuff. There weren’t actually many, but the ones that do exist were frustrating enough that it caused me to undergo emotional outbursts (especially on Facebook, as you may have seen in my latest Facebook post yesterday).

First, the residential trip from May 19th to May 20th. I tried to register online, but didn’t hear anything back. This is downright bad and truely annoying, but…at least it’s a thousand times better than seeing my name/student ID appearing on the list of participants only to be told a few days before the trip that it was an error and that I can’t go. The lack of news meant that I can assume automatically that I didn’t get to go.

Now, here comes the first thing that truely made me mad! The scavenger hunt organized by the AIESEC club. This was actually the first club activity in a long while that I managed to participate after registering only via a first come first serve bases (though the fact that the organizers posted the form close to midnight and since I was still somewhat awoke I decided to register straight away combined with the fact that this event spans two days do help). This scavenger hunt is basically…finding out the name of the country based completing puzzels. It’s a group work, which sounds good, but the fact that I was put into a group full of suckers really sucks. Actually the organizers allowed participants to register as a group but I didn’t. You know why? Because I have no close friends in the club! In fact, I think I might actually have no close friends at all! Except for one but that person is in Finland right now. And…the result? My team didn’t win the grand prize, but I do not know what it is anyway so that may or may not matter.

And…finally, here comes the thing that truely lead to my emotional outburst! Registering for a day trip organized by the volunteers club. I know that this club has been notorious for the painful registration process for trips, but since I didn’t try to register for one for quite a long while I decided to give it a shot one last time, and I will repeat again, ONE LAST TIME. I managed to complete the form pretty quickly, but actually getting the form in was what really pushed me to the boiling point. First I have to print the form, and…there was literally no one to help me at all, and by the time I finally got someone to help me, it was like less than ten minutes until my make up class at 2PM. But the trouble doesn’t end there, my dear readers. Oh no, it won’t end so easily. I went to the place where the submission box was supposed to be, but no one came to help me or could offer any valuable help at all (this was when I went there after the 2PM make up class). In fact the organizers did reply to my question, like many hours later later, that the box will be up for submitting the form at noon, the day after I first tried to find the box. And yesterday I tried again, and…same result. There was literally no one around anywhere to be seen and since there were so many boxes I couldn’t tell exactly which one is the right one. Finally a girl came to help me but I don’t even know if the box she told me was the right one as I have no way to verify that myself (the SeeingAI app doesn’t seem to help much either). And…it was this ordeal that I have to go through that really pushed me over the cliff and lead to my emotional outburst. I already ranted, rather harshly, in a lengthy post on Facebook, so I will not repeat the whole thing again. If any of you readers don’t have me on Facebook yet, then that’s too bad.

And…this leads me to one final point. Why do I have to vent all of my emotional outbursts on Facebook? Well the simple answer is, I have nowhere else to vent my frustrations. Rambling to myself is useless as no one would know about my inner feelings, ranting them harshly here on my blog is not that appropriate as it is way too exposed to the outside world. Facebook is thus the only ideal place that I can vent my emotion since by default only people who have me on Facebook can see my posts. Thus the threat of undesired pick up or coverage by unknown, third party sources is more or less eliminated. To you readers that came here via the link in the accompanying Facebook post, this blog post (the last bit) basically serves to explain why I have to vent my emotional outbursts on Facebook every now and then.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention about the academic side of the semester…so far this post has been pretty much about the non-academic side of things.

So, anything interesting on the academic side? Not really, apart from the fact that I made perhaps the best decision to swap out management science for export import management during the add/drop period. Other than that, there’s really nothing interesting to report. Yes, midterm exams are fast approaching, but I’m not overly concerned as the subjects are not too difficult compared to previous semesters; but however things may still yet change (or indeed turn for the worst).

Also…I mentioned on Facebook about how I faced with the so-called implied discrimination every now and then throughout my university life. I would like to add on to that…

You may remember that I mentioned that given I’m studying at an international college, I expected to be treated just like how it was during my STA days. Now, does this means that my STA days were a time of sunshine and total happiness? No. Does this means that my STA days were a time of complete misery and total darkness? No. But I can tell, the STA days were certainly a much happier time, as far as the non-academic side is concerned. Some of the points I mentioned E.G no one to hang out with just because I’m visually impaired/because I love inflatable toys, albeit relevant to some degree, is…somewhat half true. During my STA days I didn’t make much effort to try to find people to hang out with on weekends or holidays, and back then I kept everything about my inflatable toys top secret (blame the threats of being attacked by the trolls for that). But having exposed that to the outside world, I really began to get a feeling that everyone, and I really mean everyone, don’t like to hang out with people who is a lover of some weird, childish, bouncy, soft things.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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