Post midterm exams events have begun; two events came and went

Hey guys;

Well, what normally happens after the last midterm exam finishes? A string of events of course! This year is no different, albeit I do have to wait for a while for the first event in this series of events to come. For context, my last midterm exam was on June 9th, but the first event took place on June 19th, ten days after my last exam. And…of course, as this is a series of events, there will obviously be more than one event, and…the second event in this series took place today. The wait time between the first and the second event this year was almost similar to last year, albeit this year I have to wait just four days compared to six days for last year.

Anyways, olet’s dive right into the first two events of this series of events…

The first event was…uh, a food fair. Yeah, a food fair actually became the first event after the last midterm exam this year, instead of the STA prom. Quite disappointing, but…what can I do, when I no longer have any meaningful connection in the current year 12 students…

Anyways, the food fair was…pretty standard. Stalls selling food and drinks. Oh and I have to tell you this, I wasn’t aware of the event at all, so on that day I ate lunch right after my 10AM class ended at like 11:15AM or 11:30AM. But when I walked to the wide open space at the old MUIC building, there was music playing and so I went in further and there was indeed a counter offering to sell some food. I decided to ask the receptionists to tell me what’s available, and after hearing some interesting items, I decided to go ahead and place my order.

My first plate was a plate of nachos with some sauce along with a fruit drink. It tasted quite good. Being a curious type of person, I decided to try out some other stuff, so my next order was ice cream and a dessert composed of some eggs. They, too, tasted pretty good, so I decided to place my third order, this time for some shrimp and fish skewers. They turned out to have a really wonderful taste.

And…guess what was the outcome? I became so full that, for dinner, I decided to eat just some sushi.

Let’s move on to the second event, which took place today…

If there is a 30 December and a New Years party at the end of 2016, then a follow-up event should also take place, and it did, on June 16th, 2017. If history repeats itself, then another very similar event should follow, and it did, on January 4th of this year. And…guess what, history repeats itself again, as that event on January 4th was followed by the event today (June 23rd, 2018), which I will simply call it ’23 June’.

By now you are wondering, what actually happened. Well…the answer is simple. Today I got to spend time with my best friend again! Yeah, the five months of wait has gone by pretty fast.

Originally, we scheduled to meet at 4PM but since me and my dad finished shopping pretty early so I decided to wait at a Starbucks near Ari BTS station. When my best friend asked where am I, I knew right away that we would be meeting earlier than schedule, and that’s exactly what happened. She said that she’ll give me a call when she arrived, and…indeed that’s what happened; I received a call from her while I was watching a Youtube video and soon enough she appeared.

We first stopped at a gas station to refuel the car, before proceeding to her house. We spent time chatting just like last time, pretty much until dinner (I let her play with my inflatable toys as usual).

Dinner today was perhaps the best since the New Years party back in December 2016. There were fried chickens and some shrimp, along with some eggs. The chicken and the shrimp tasted really amazing.

Oh, and just to make the atmosphere even more fun, my best friend’s mom actually brought along one of her friends as well, which also include some kids. Actually the presents of kids is what made the whole dinner so great! While I was eating, there would be this one kid who would walk around and try to grab my attention. I decided to respond by looking at that kid through my iPhone’s camera. Glad that the kid didn’t snatch my phone…otherwise I would have gone mad. Oh, towards the end my best friend’s brother ended up playing a sort of hide and seek with the kids and…it was pretty fun to watch. Oh and I almost forgot, there was also another kid who seems to love eating mangoes so much that eventually one of the kid’s parents have to intervene and tell the kid to stop.

And…oh, I almost forgot, this was also the first meal at my best friend’s house since the New Years party that featured a dessert. The dessert for tonight was sticky rice with mangoes, and it tasted pretty good.

After that, me and my best friend went back upstairs and chatted for a little bit before I started packing up my inflatable toys and…that could have not been a better timing, as it was soon 8:30PM of which I rang my dad to pick me up. That pretty much concludes the day…

Looking ahead…these two events were just the start; at least three more events are expected (the third one being a food fair that is going to take place on Wednesday and Thursday this upcoming week), followed by a musical on July 5th and the Hua Hin residential trip from July 7th to July 8th. Meeting up with my best friend again is a real possibility, but I will most likely just combine it with today’s event. A club trip on July 6th is also possible, but I do not put high hopes on that, given my past results when trying to sign up for these trips. In addition, smaller artificial events such as dinners could still happen.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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