2018 half-year summary: A bad start, but it gets better

Hey guys;

So, June is quickly ending, that means it’s time to wrap up the first half of the year.

In a wider context, 2018 has been pretty much dominated by a few big things: The diplomacy between North and South Korea culminating in the April summit, and the increasing risk of trade war between the US and a number of countries as President Trump imposes new tariffs. Oh, and the royal wedding in the UK on 19 May is another major event. And finally, the World Cup has begun, and already we saw some unexpected outcomes. Germany got eliminated during the group stage, having won the last World Cup in Brazil, and some solid top-ranked teams were almost eliminated until luck finally played in their favor, pushing them into the next round (I’m specifically referring to Brazil and Argentina).

Now, let’s narrow the focus of the post to my life…

For me, 2018 has been a pretty bad start. Setbacks followed setbacks, and I didn’t get to go on any club trips (thanks to the unfair club trip registration systems that tends to discriminate against students with disabilities). On top of that, there were very few events for the first three months of the year and I have to artificially create three events that, by nature, weren’t really suppose to be big events worth writing about. Oh, and there was one subject that literally kicked my ass but somehow I managed to defeat it, through sheer luck and intensive tutoring (I’m specifically referring to business finance). What this subject has shown me is that I hate math and finance. Like…so much.

But however, since April things have been improving. Events were still few, and it looks like things will be just as bad as the first quarter (this time I have to artificially create four events). After my midterm exams, however, there was finally real hope that things are improving. And…what followed is…truely wonderful. There were four events since my midterm exams have ended (the food fair on June 19th, hanging out with my best friend on June 23rd, the MUIC festival earlier this week and…unexpectedly, a band competition yesterday).

Let’s cover both events first…

The MUIC festival, uh, is just…like other food fairs. There were stalls selling foods and drinks along with live performances and games, nothing too special. But I have to say, the foods on sale were actually pretty good, albeit somewhat expensive. One of the drinks I bought costs like 120-130 baht!

The band competition was actually quite nice; I didn’t know about it until someone posted about it in one of the Line groups. I do actually enjoy listening to the performances, although I didn’t stay for the whole competition since the whole thing runs from like 4:30PM to 8PM. As a result I didn’t know which band one the competition. But at least I do listen to around two or three bands, and I must say, they were all pretty good and it seems that they have practiced really well.

Looking ahead into the second half of the year…this is where the big things happen. Next Thursday is the musical, and then, shortly after, the Hua Hin residential trip (there may also be a club trip on July 6th). Visiting my best friend again some point before she returns to Finland in late July is always nice, but she has yet to give me the exact date and time that we can meet.

But all of those were like…tiny. Yep, something big, and I mean really big, is around the corner. Outside the temperature is just as cold as Chiang Mai during December or January, and leaves were either yellow, orange or red. I found myself six or seven time zones away from home. Guess what I’m referring to here? Of course, it’s my exchange program! Since when I last posted about it, there has been major progress; I will give more details when I publish the next post with a countdown. But just to give you a hint, it won’t be ‘three months until September’ anymore but it will be ‘three months until September 11th’. Want to know why I put the exact date here? Well find out pretty soon!

So…anyways, I guess that’s it for now…

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