The greatness and the amazing

Hey guys;

Earlier I predicted that there would just be four or five events after the midterm exams. And…guess what eventually happened? Turns out there were a total of ten events. Yeah, ten events after my last midterm exam! This is…totally unexpected and it’s truely amazing. And…you know what’s even more cool? All the additional events took place within a very short span of time! Yeah, six additional events have taken place like…back-to-back! Plus, four of the six events that have taken place since the MUIC festival are quite big events, two of them were off-campus trips, and…here comes the awesomeness…one of the trips is a residential trip!

Since there are so many events, I will not be able to go into detail for all of them, so this post will just contain a brief summary of all the events. I will group the six events into the following groups: The musicals, the off-campus trips and minor events. I will write separate posts shortly for the musicals and the off-campus trips groups since they’re so big and hence worth having their own posts.

Um, how to start? Let’s start from small to big…I would say

The minor events

There are two events in this group, all of them were nothing more than just dinner out with some students. The first one was on July 3rd and the second one was on July 5th. The first dinner was with the musical cast and some crews, and the second one was with one of the cast along with several other students. I would say the choice of restaurants for both dinners is not too bad; in fact for the second dinner the food tasted really good and the restaurant is air-conditioned.

The musicals

Let’s get into some bigger events…the musicals (yes, there are two of them). And…they’re all quite great actually.

The first musical was on July 5th, which is the one I’ve been observing the development process for the longest time ever. Uh, not really. Just seven or eight weeks to be exact. There were many scenes, but all the scenes were quite short; some of them were just one long dialog and some of them have a few short dialogs. Even though the musical took seven-eight weeks to prepare, on the performance day there were still some flaws, but at least they weren’t so bad that any of the directors have to directly intervene.

The second musical was on July 11th, and…I must say, compared to the one last week, this one was like…on another level. Though the number of weeks that it took to prepare is roughly the same as last week’s musical, but the result seems to tell me that it took more than that. Why? Everything was so smooth and the cast seem to be very confident. Plus, unlike the musical last week, this one involves a lot of light and sound. In fact, in terms of emotion and atmosphere building, this musical successfully took it to a new level by using a combination of soundtracks and light to build and amplify emotions and to create atmospheres that truely blend in with the emotions of the characters!

The off-campus trips

And…finally, I save the best for last…the off-campus trips, and…just like the musicals, there are two of them. The AIESEC club day trip to Siam Museum, and the global leadership development residential trip to Hua Hin. The interesting thing is, the Hua Hin trip happened just one day after the Siam Museum trip!

The Siam Museum trip took place on July 6th. It was just a half-day trip but it’s still fun nonetheless. When we get there the museum was not open yet so we all have to sit around and wait. But once we got inside and explore, what I learned was truely amazing. The exhibition that we went to was the one showcasing how Thai nationalism developed throughout Thai history. There were several rooms with interactive features. But interestingly, one of the rooms showcases the Thai religious beliefs and we were allowed to try make a wish. And…one of the wishes that I made is for my team to win in the upcoming project pitch presentation and…guess what, this wish actually became a reality!

The Hua Hin residential trip took place the day after the Siam Trip, and runs until July 8th. It was quite fun, with a number of activities. This was also the biggest residential trip, in terms of the number of participants. But in terms of the number and variety of activities this trip was certainly not the biggest, due to limited time of course. But at least it’s still pretty fun. One of the highlights was the very first activity, which is…pretty much an activity where everyone has a chance to get to know each other. We were asked to write down the names of six people we want to ask questions. Three of the six names written down on my name tag were people who were in my group for at least one of the subjects I took (one of them is actually one of my export import management group members). But the downside to this decision is that since these three people sat so far away from me, I have to walk quite a bit. To be honest, if I really want to make life really easy, I can just write down the names of the three people I can see sitting right in front of me. But after that activity, things went a bit boring for a while since there was a lecture…in fact I did fall asleep from time to time during that lecture.

So…yeah, that is the brief summary of the six events that took place since the MUIC festival and the band competition. I must say, with the mentioned six events, the start of the second half of 2018 looks really good and I hope this trend continues throughout the remaining months of 2018.

Other than that, I guess that’s it for this post…I will write follow-up posts for the musicals and the off-campus trips soon.

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