Let the summer holiday begin!

Less than three months until September 11th

Hey guys;

The countdown continues, but…noticed something? Last month only the month of September is shown, but…now the exact date is shown…

Yep, the exact date of which I’ll be departing Thailand for the UK has been confirmed. So the date of September 11th will appear in the next countdown post as well.

As the title says, today (July 22nd), is when my summer holiday officially begins. This would be the longest summer holiday yet, since like…after my IB exams. It will run from today until…September 23rd. As for anything interesting…well not really. It’s going to be just another boring summer, although this upcoming Friday I do have an appointment with my best friend once again (according to our latest discussions), and in August there could be a STA reunion which I will try to join; just waiting for one of my good friends to supply me with more details about the event when that becomes known.

As for the progress of my exchange program…oh well, a lot has changed. Last time I talked about it I haven’t even applied for my visa yet, and my dorm has not been confirmed. But…fast forward to today, and my visa application has been completed, just waiting to get my passport back (hopefully very, very soon, as I do need it since I’m going to Japan within like less than two weeks), and…my dorm has been confirmed. As expected, I got an on-campus dorm. Kind of pricy (the total rent is 88,736.72 Thai baht, according to Siri’s conversion). And…also, the subjects I’ll be taking has also been confirmed. I was able to take four of the six subjects listed on my application form (all of them core/major subjects), but I decided to drop strategic management because I don’t think I’m ready for it. If an add/drop exist at University of Sussex, I might consider dropping operations management as well since, according to several sources, operations management at MUIC is quite easy.

As for the Schengen visa…I still do not know. My best friend did, however, suggests that if I decided to go to Finland I can stay at her place. That is really an attractive option of course as that saves on a hotel bill and possibly even meal costs. And…while we’re on that subject, if MUIC had an exchange agreement with a Finish university close to my best friend’s place that would be cool and I would have pressed my parents into allowing me to go there, since…I would have been able to save on my dorm costs and…once again, possibly even my meal costs (you know how expensive Europe (especially northern Europe) can be). This would have mean that my exchange program is more or less sponsored since I would have got free meals and free accommodation. That 88,736.72 Thai baht price tag for my UK dorm does hurt, as when converted into monthly payments, it’s almost six times as much as what I’m paying now at Bundit. But…hey, I haven’t got that many choices, everything is so expensive in Europe when converted back into Thai baht.

Anyways, let’s move on to another thing I want to cover, which is wrapping up this past semester…

As the sun sets on another semester, it’s a good time to look back at what has happened throughout the semester. This past semester, I must say, is not overly hard. Yes the midterm results kind of hurts, but at least they’re all above the passing line. This means I should be able to pass all subjects (or so I hope). This past semester was also the first semester where all subjects have group projects. Working on group projects can be fun, but when I have to keep pushing people to start doing work because the deadline is only a few days away, things doesn’t look good at all. And…this doesn’t happen once, this happened three times on two different subjects. Yeah, three times that I have to push people in my group to start working on the projects! And…which subjects am I talking about? Multinational corporate finance and global leadership development. I guess this was the inevitable consequence of being a loner in the class…I ended up being in groups full of suckers…

On the other hand, the groups I worked for the other two subjects (integrated marketing communication and export import management) were amazing. People in these groups have the capability to start work on their own, without me pushing around like a boss. In fact they even pushed me at times too, but at least that’s way better than being neglected/left out of group work.

And…what are the results? For integrated marketing communication, my group’s proposal was selected by the guest speaker as one of the best and thus received five bonus points. For export import management, my group’s report got an A+. These just shows that if you’re in a group with the right kind of people, things can be really bright and sunny. But when you’re in a group full of suckers, things don’t tend to work out in a desirable way.

In terms of non-academic stuff…early on in this semester it seems that there would be little, if any, interesting events, except for a few dinners with the casts/crews of the Mean Girls musical and visiting the new STA high school campus. But…oh boy, things got really fun right after the midterm exams. First comes a food fair, then comes the 23 June, then comes another food fair and a band competition, then comes another dinner, and then the Mean Girls musical and another dinner, then the Siam Museum trip follows, then comes the Hua Hin trip and…finally, the Beauty and the Beast musical. That’s…ten events! Can you believe it? I’ve already cover these events in detail in my earlier posts, so I won’t repeat them again.

Looking ahead…next semester will be the start of my fourth year, and…it will hopefully be a fun semester. On September 23rd, the Sun will rise on a new semester, a semester that will be totally different from past semesters, and a semester that takes place in a totally different university, country and continent.

So…anyways, that’s it for now…

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