My journey as an exchange student has begun

Hey guys;

Welcome to the first post written outside of Thailand, and the first to be written on my laptop.

Yep, it’s official. My journey as an exchange student has officially begun. Although I arrived in the UK last Tuesday, what I’ve done was just…sightseeing in London with my dad. And…since at least one of my parents are directly involved, I’m not going to count it as an event, though I do have some general comments about the UK.

First of all, I love the trains here. They’re pretty fast and punctual, and the announcements at platforms are very descriptive and detailed. For instance, at Potters Bar station, if a train does not stop there, there would be an announcement regarding the matter. In addition, the announcement would also give details on the number of cars per train, which I find it to be very useful. Moreover, on trains (even the National Rail ones which is the equivalent of the State Railway of Thailand), there are announcements telling which station the train will soon be arriving, which is of course very useful and pretty much essential. Wish Thailand’s trains could be like this…but oh well, I guess we’re still years away from it becoming a reality.

In terms of the weather…I must say, the weather is pretty cold. There were a number of days where temperatures in the morning dropped to just single digit. In the afternoon it did get warmer, but that is still cold by Thai standards. Just…imagine morning in Chiang Mai, in December or January. That’s how the weather is like right now, but I’m sure as winter approaches it will get a lot colder.

Now, let’s get on to the main stuff…my exchange program…

So, I moved into my dorm yesterday, and…I must say, I’m very impressed about my dorm here in the UK. Although the room is just a room with a small toilet and a single bed, it’s still pretty spacious. The window to the right of the desk is large, and thus let in a lot of light from the outside.

Speaking about the flat that I’m in as a whole, I must say, it’s a pretty nice one. There are four rooms (including mine), and a huge common room with kitchen. And…by huge, I mean it. In the common room there is a table with four chairs and…not far from that, there are two pretty large sofas and a small table. This common room can easily fit more than four people!

Oh, and didn’t I forget that there was a welcome party for exchange student yesterday? The party was…a great opportunity to meet other exchange student, and I did get to meet a number of them, including my former export import management classmate and group member. And…one more thing, this was the first event that I will officially recognized as something I can write about, as…it doesn’t involve any of my parents or family members.

The party kicked off at 6PM. At first there were very few people but gradually more and more people arrived. There were food, but the only thing that I can eat is chicken, grapes, chips and some chocolate. But given that I had a late lunch yesterday, that combination doesn’t sound too bad. I did get to meet exchange students from France, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA, Japan and Sweden. I’m sure there are sexchange students from other countries, but I didn’t get to talk to all of them.

The party lasted until 8PM. While other exchange students left I stayed behind to wait for one of the organizers to take me back to my dorm. That pretty much concluded the first event of my exchange journey…

Overall, I must say, I’m enjoying my time in the UK. There are more events down the road, including a beach BBQ, the ‘big buddy hello’, the firework show, and…oh yes, the first field trip of the exchange journey, and the second field trip in 2018!

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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