A series of not so amazing event to wrap up the freshers week

Hey guys;

So, today marks the last day of the freshers week. I must say, I do enjoy the freshers week, even though I didn’t participate in some big events like the pier party or the big night out. But however the event yesterday really made me regret my decision not to join the pier party. And…I really mean it.

So…you know what this means? Yep, the event yesterday, which I will just straight up tell is a beach BBQ organized by the Christian union, society is…not amazing at best, completely terrible at worst. And…the events today were not really better by a whole lot, but still better than yesterday.

So let’s talk about the events today first…

Today there were two events, the big buddy hello and the fireworks display. The big buddy hello, being held at the Mandela Hall inside of Falmer House, was suppose to be the time where new students and their buddies get together to meet, but for me this wasn’t the case. You want to know why? Because my buddy failed to show up! Yeah, dispite the fact that I went through the trouble of securing two tickets and reserved two seets when I asked over the email back in August! Thankfully, the tickets cost nothing, otherwise I would have demanded compensation. And…I really do mean it. Though ticket prices in British pound are not a lot, but when converted into Thai baht, that’s a lot of money, though certainly not expensive by Thai standards for event tickets.

So…great, my buddy failed to show up, what now? Well the only thing that I can do is to join with other students. Thankfully this is Britain and not Thailand so I was more or less welcomed warmly, and we got conversations flowing rather quickly. And…while we’re on this subject, I’ll just straight up be very real, honest and very direct with my readers, Thai or not, with the fact that people here in Britain (especially Brits and other westerners) seems to be more willing to talk and get the conversation flowing with strangers compared to people in Thailand (especially Thais).

Anyways…back to the event…up until 4:45PM me and the other students I met did nothing but talking and listening to live music. There were pizzas but there weren’t the kind I want. And…you know what’s worse? By the time I asked for some drinks they had practically ran out! That’s just terrible, isn’t it?

Now on to the second event and…perhaps the better of the two…

This next event is the fireworks display plus a BBQ, taking place right after the big buddy hello, and luckily very close to each other that it didn’t took much walking to find. At first I was confused as where exactly it will be held but after asking and walking around I finally settle down.

This event is being held outside of Falmer Bar, which is inside of Falmer House. Unlike other events, however, the BBQ here is not free. Just like the beach BBQ yesterday (of which I will go into detail later), there were no drinks but…do you realy need to serve drinks separately, when there is a bar right next to the BBQ…

And…fair enough, when I went inside to ask for some nachos, they said that since there is a BBQ outside, food won’t be served in the bar. I therefore ended up getting a coke (it’s not actually coke, but whatever…I don’t care).

The only thing that’s being served outside is hamburger. I decided to grab one beef hamburger, followed by the chicken hamburger, before going back inside the bar to get my drink. The hamburger actually tasted really good.

After finishing the second hamburger and finishing my drink in the bar, I went back outside to sit with some students. We just sit and chat for pretty much all the time.

The firework didn’t really kick off until like 8PM or so, but once started, it’s quite beautiful to look at actually, and brings some colors to the cold night (oh yeah I forgot to tell you, the weather outside during the whole event was cold, thanks to the wind). Anyways, the wait and the suffering were more or less worth-it as the firework display is pretty beautiful.

Alright, now let’s get back to the beach BBQ yesterday…

My first thought of this event was, there would have been variety of options to choose from, a proper chair and table to sit on, along with drinks. When it says 5PM-7PM in the welcome calendar, I thought the BBQ would be ready right away, or at least by 6PM. In addition, I thought of taking beautiful photos of Brighton beach during sunset and having it be one of the most memorable moments of the UK. But when I eventually made it to the event, which is being held at the Brighton beach, I was met with a nasty surprise. And…I really mean it, a very nasty surprise.

The weather was dull and gray, and it was very windy. There were no tables or chairs, just a rocky beach to sit on. There were no drinks anywhere. To make matters worse, it rained a number of times and me and some of the other students have to run for a shelter.

Perhaps the absolute worst thing about this event is that, the BBQ wasn’t ready until like two hours after the event have started. The event was scheduled to start at 5PM, but the BBQ didn’t get served until 7PM or so, leaving me and the other students to starve in the brutal British weather.

And…when the BBQ did finally serve, the only options are hamburger and hotdog. I had one hamburger, and around two or three hotdogs. They tasted really good, I must admit. So perhaps the wait and the suffering were worth-it after all…but the lack of drinks was still the biggest complaint I have for this event.

Another interesting part of this event was a brief talk given by one of the society. Since I didn’t really understand anything I won’t go into detail the key points, but in short, it’s a purely Christianity-related talk, centering around Jesus. Though I’m not a Christian, it’s still good to learn about other religions…

overall, the freshers week was pretty fun and enjoyable, I got to make quite a good number of new friends.

So…what’s up next? Well…the London trip tomorrow of course! I’ve printed the email containing the tiket, I have my student ID, so I must be able to go on the trip. It’s mainly aimed at international students, so that means I get to meet even more students from different parts of the world and, of course, make new friends.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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