A wonderful trip

Hey guys;

So, the trip I mentioned earlier is over. Overall it was a wonderful trip; the big negative is the weather, which was dull and gray throughout the whole day, plus it did rained.

The meeting point is outside of Sussex House. When I got there, there were many students, all of them were of course international students. Some of them are taking degrees here, while a sizable number of them were exchange students like me.

When we get on the bus, I chose the second row from the door. And…my choice could not have been any better as I ended up sitting next to a big window with literally no obstructions, just like the Hua Hin trip. Unlike the Hua Hin trip, however, I do have someone sitting next to me. That person was also an exchange student, from Poland (if I remembered correctly).

We pulled out of campus at around 8:30AM. During the journey into London we have a guide explaining the schedule of the trip. It took about an hour or so to get to London.

Once we reached the outskirts of London, the guide began explaning the key attractions that we are passing. The outskirts is not much interesting, just lots of trees and there may also be houses as, according to the guide, the outskirts is a residential area. It took us roughly another hour to get into the center, and that’s where interesting attractions started to appear.

In addition to pointing out key attractions, the guide also explains a bit about the history of the area we passed, which is pretty interesting and definitely something worth listening to. Amongst the key attractions we passed were the Big Ben, the Tower of London, as well as government buildings. Sadly the Big Ben is under renovation, so the view from the window is not amongst the best, plus the cloudy weather made things somewhat worse.

The guided tour lasted until 12:30PM or 1PM, of which the bus stopped and everyone got off. Here it’s essentially free time. I decided to join a group of students, and…the sightseeing more or less continues.

We had lunch at a restaurant selling hamburgers and hotdogs. I ordered a hotdog along with some chips as well as diet coke. All of them tasted pretty nice, especially the chips and the hotdog.

After lunch, it’s all about sightseeing. We did stopped briefly for toilets at a coffee place.

The weather was…I would say, terrible. It rained the whole time we were out on the road, and from time to time it did rained quite heavily. We did stop by the River Thames, but the view was not so great because of the weather. Had the weather be clear with blue skys, the views would have been a lot better.

We pretty much spent the rest of the free time walking around to different places, including some parks. We also managed to visit the Buckingham Palace, which is one of the key attractions of London.

At around close to 5PM, we walked back to where the bus would pick us up. I didn’t buy any dinner because of a combination of lack of time and the wet weather which would not be good for carrying Mcdonalds around.

We finally pulled out at around 5:30PM. From then we did pass the Palace of Westminster on the way out of London. From that point, it’s a long trip back to Sussex University. I pretty much listen to music for the whole journey.

Originally we scheduled to arrive at 7:30PM but due to traffic conditions (especially while getting out of London) we ended up arriving at close to 8PM. I haven’t have dinner yet, so I asked one of the students to first take me to Bramber House, to see if the canteen would still be open, and…turns out it is not, so I have no choice but to ask one my flat mates to cook something. It wasn’t very pleasant, just a pasta that tasted very plain, with nothing extra. Desperate for something tasty, I ended up eating the snacks that came with the welcome bag I got from Sussex Abroad. Originally I thought of preserving them for later or even for consumption either on the flight back to Thailand or in Thailand itself, but unless if I want to walk in the rain alone at night to the supermarket inside of Bramber House to get some chips, I have no choice but to eat the snacks inside the welcome bag.

Overall, I must say, the trip is pretty good. I got to meet new friends on the trip, a number of them are also exchange students. This is so far the second field trip of 2018, after the Siam Museum trip back in July. In fact,, this trip took place just over two months after the Siam Museum trip! And…guess what? There’s another field trip coming up on October 3rd, albeit just a half day trip to Lewes. Not far after that, there is also another trip I think, and later, towards the end of October, there is possibly another trip. Seems exciting, of course.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now..

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