Summer holiday is over, this time for real

Hey guys;

So…earlier I said that summer holiday is ending, well that mainly applies to MUIC students not going on the exchange program (especially to places like the UK where the semester starts in late September). However, as of today, the summer holiday for me has officially drawn to a close.

Overall…the summer holiday was a pretty typical one. Boring as always, with little to nothing to do. However that all changed when I arrived in the UK (especially once I arrived at University of Sussex). Immediately there was the welcome party for exchange students, followed by the so called ‘One World Sussex’, followed by the beach BBQ, the big buddy hello and the fireworks, and finally ended with the wonderful London trip.

Tomorrow, the curtain will rise on a new academic year, as my first official class abroad begins. It will be an entirely different experience from what I was use to back at MUIC. Though I’m taking fewer subjects compared to past semesters at MUIC, the workload might be greater as the subjects here are expected to be more difficult. But whether it will actually be more difficult I will have to see.

On the non-academic side, there is one trip upcoming next Wednesday (albeit only a half-day trip). There are potentially more trips coming up, and…of course, other kinds of events as well. Remember, everything counts during my time in the UK. Perhaps another residential trip could take place? Maybe, if I’m really lucky to get someone (especially other exchange students) to organize such trips.

However, as much as I am enjoying my time so far, I always have to keep in mind that within the next twelve short weeks I will be leaving the UK. Yep, even though I just arrived, my days in the UK are practically numbered. And…I have no doubt, these twelve weeks will go buy pretty fast and…before I knew it, December will have arrived and then it will be time for me to say good-bye to my Swanborough flat mates, Sussex University and Britain, as I go through UK immigration one last time to board my Bangkok-bound flight. The only time that I can think of that will make the twelve weeks go really slowly is when I’m dealing with some really hard assignments.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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