A trip a day keeps the loneliness away

Hey guys;

If you can’t already guess by the title, this post is going to be about yet another trip. Yep, two field trips already, and the semester has hardly begun.

To be honest, I’m not aware about this trip’s existence until the international student support staff mentioned about an upcoming trip during the London trip almost two weeks ago. The day following the trip, I immediately asked my dad’s friend to buy the ticket for me, which he did.

Anyways, this is a half-day field trip to Lewes. This is the second field trip since I arrived in the UK, and the fourth field trip this year (third if you only count the one-day trips). And…guess what, more trips are waiting down the line, potentially including two which aren’t organized by the university (I’ll get into all of that later).

This field trip took place yesterday (Wednesday October 3rd). It’s a half-day trip to Lewes, as I just mentioned. But rather than going there by bus, we went there by train, which is…shall we say amazing, as I love traveling by train.

I met up with the group around 1:15PM or so. I asked someone to take me to a nearby ATM, so I can check the available money in my debit card. After that I went back to join the group.

Originally we were scheduled to leave by 1:30PM, but we ended leaving at around 1:45PM. It’s a relatively short walk to the Falmer train station. It’s a small station, and there are only two platforms.

As the train we’re catching is a frequent local train running between Brighton and Lewes, it didn’t take long for the Lewes-bound train to arrive. It’s a seats-only train, with air-conditioning, but the seats were arranged very similar to third class seats on Thai trains, with bays of four seats on both sides of the ile.

During the journey to Lewes, I chatted with some groups of student who were also on the trip. It didn’t take long for us to arrive at Lewes, as it’s right at the next stop, which happens to be the terminus of this train. Once we’re outside of the station, we were joined by the tour guide (which happens to be the same guide on the London trip) as well as, I believe, some other students who chose to meet at Lewes train station instead of at the campus.

The trip basically consists of a walking tour around Lewes, with the guide explaning the sights. The weather was pretty amazing, with almost clear skies and sunshine. Temperatures weren’t that cold either. We did past many historical buildings and ruins of buildings, such as churches/monasteries. There were many interesting facts and stories, but I’m not going to go into detail as that would take too long and I don’t think I can remember all of them.

The walking tour lasted until around 3:45PM or 4PM, and then we all split up. I went with a group of students and a staff member from the international student support to a coffee place to grab some drinks and desserts. I ended up ordering hot chocolate with cream and some brownies with ice cream. They all tasted really good.

After that, we headed back to campus, once again taking the train. A Brighton-bound train which will of course stop at Falmer was already waiting so we just jump right on to that train. During the journey I chatted with a student sitting in front of me as well as a group of students sitting behind me. It didn’t take long for us to reach Falmer, and that’s where the trip ends.

Overall, I must say the trip was pretty good, especially with an amazing weather. I got to make some new friends, a few of them were also exchange students. Since it’s mainly a walking tour, I got to do some exercise.

As I mentioned earlier, there are more trips coming this month. The next one is next Saturday, and the one after that is the Saturday after. However there could potentially be two extra trips, however these aren’t organized by the university. Instead, they are, or would, be organized by me and one of my new friends whom I met at the board game club last Friday, and whom gave me an awesome gift today (I’m not going to go into detail about it right now).

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…exciting events seems to keep on coming through…

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