A mega event is forming

Hey guys;

Wondering about the title? Well there’s one simple answer. With today’s mini lunch trip and yesterday, plus another field trip and…possibly another trip on next Sunday, a mega event which I will probably call ‘amazing October’ is slowly forming.

So far, as of today, there are three trips: The Lewes one which I talked about earlier, the Sussex trip which I will cover it in this post, and the lunch trip into Brighton which I will also cover in this post. One, possibly two, more trips are coming up. The first is the Oxford trip next Satrday, and, if my friend (the one who bought me the inflatable unicorn) is free, another trip into Brighton.

Let’s get started with the Sussex trip first…

This trip is more like the London tour a few weeks before in a way that it’s a sightseeing tour by bus, I.E while the bus is moving a tour guide explains the key landmarks that the bus passes and a bit of history. For this trip it’s a trip into the Sussex area, which is not too far from Sussex University.

I arrived at the meeting point at around 9AM or so. Like previous trips all participants were international students, some were exchange students like me. We spent quite a good amount of time waiting for the bus to turn up. The bus was pretty much the exact same bus as the one on the London trip.

We pulled out not long after 9:15AM. I tried to do what I always do, that is listening to music but since the tour guide explains a lot of things I didn’t get to listen to that many songs, however for stuff that I don’t think I’m interested to hear I just continue to listen to music. As always during the sightseeing bus tour I took a lot of photos and videos.

The first real stop was actually a brief stop at a top of a small hill thing for toilets and to take photos. Although the area, which according to Siri was only around 150-160m above sea level, there were literally no tall trees anywhere to be seen, making the area feel like an alpine environment. Oh, and the area was pretty windy too.

After we got back on, we then head to Eastbourne, which is our next stop. Eastbourne is a resort town like Brighton, but, according to the tour guide, the demographics was a bit different. Brighton has a rather young population thanks to universities and language schools, whereas Eastbourne has a much older population. For this reason Eastbourne is not a place full of clubs or bars, but I guess some do exist. This is also where we stop for lunch.

I decided to join up with a group of Swedish students for lunch. We went to eat at an Italian restaurant. I decided to order a small pizza, which, turns out, was just the right amount for me. There were many slices once cut, but the slices weren’t very big. The pizza tasted really good, and I really like it.

After lunch we went down to the beach. I took some photos of the beach as always. Then we went to a small coffee place since one of the students wanted a coffee. After that we all went back to the bus.

We pulled out of Eastbourne at around 1:30PM. Our next and final stop of the tour is Alfriston, which is a small village. During the journey the tour guide did explain some more information/history about the area.

When we arrived, we went to see the churche that was built many years ago (possibly in the 1300s or so, according to the tour guide). Surprisingly, the tour guide mentioned that it is still being used, but when we went in there were hardly any locals. I guess it’s because it is not Sunday and Christians mainly go to churches on Sundays.

After the churche, I joined up with a group of American exchange students for a taste of the famous English cream tea. Yeah, no visit to Alfriston and indeed the UK as a whole is complete without a sampling of the traditional English cream tea.

I must say, the cream tea tasted really good, as well as the scones that comes with it. Although I had a full meal for lunch, I didn’t feel full at all, and easily finished the two scones. The price wasn’t too bad either, around £7.20 or so (can’t remember the exact figure).

After the cream tea, we went back to the bus. Originally we were suppose to pull out at 4:30PM but turns out one student was lost somewhere so we all have to wait. Thankfully it didn’t take long to find the missing student and so we didn’t have to wait for that long. Anyways, it’s a straight journey back to campus, with no stops and we arrived at around 5PM or 5:15PM, can’t remember the exact time. I luckily managed to find a group of students and ask them to help take me back to my dorm.

So…you think the day is over, right? Wrong! Here’s a bonus event…the welcome event for my dorm, Swanborough.

The welcome event is at 6PM in the sports center. There was not much, just free food and drink (really only water is available) and some activities which I didn’t really care to participate in.

There were few people at first but as time goes by more people arrived. I chose to have some chicken wings, a sandwich and a brownie (although I didn’t quite finish the whole piece).

Literally I just spent my entire time there…eating and…chatting to people whenever I can, and…that’s it. This event is a small event, really.

Now, here comes the today’s trip into Brighton…

Oh, finally a chance to go out with someone during the weekend again! Me and my friend have been planning this for a little while. Since both me and my friend are free today we decided to go out.

I met up with my friend, who also brought along one of her friends, at around 11:30AM. We then walk to the Falmer train station to catch a train into Brighton. Annoyingly enough, we have to wait for like half an hour for the next train into Brighton. I’m not entirely sure why though…

Eventually after waiting for a little over half an hour a Brighton-bound train finally pulled into the station. We then get on and chose a seat, and, luckily, we got the seats next to a big window which means I got a pretty good view of the outside when taking photos and videos.

The journey into Brighton didn’t take long. In fact, Brighton station was the very next stop (apparently this train don’t stop at some stations along the way).

Once we got to Brighton, we began looking for some place to eat. I initially wanted to go for some Japanese food, but that would require quite a lot of walking so we settled on a burger place.

I ordered a chicken and bacon hamburger, as well as grilled goat cheese, and…of course, a bottle of coke. For some reason they don’t seem to have a cold coke. The price tag was, however, expensive. Like, extremely expensive. The total bill for my meal along was like £12 or so, can’t remember the exact figure but…yeah, double digit price tag for lunch…I don’t think I ever came across that up to this point, at least when I’m eating alone.

After we had our lunch, we walked around a bit more, before heading back to campus. Apparently my friend needs to go somewhere so we have to cut short our trip.

Overall, I must say, this weekend has got to be the best yet so far. Two days of trips…that’s just…pretty amazing, and…this could potentially repeat itself next weekend, who knows.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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