Hey guys;

The title sounds too good to be true, right? Well if your guess is yes, then the truth is also yes, but only half of it.

Confused? Well the title has something to do with the trip I went on two days ago…

Oh before I move on any further…since the time zone of this blog is set to Bangkok time, all the timestamps quoted in any posts where I talk about events taking place in the UK refers to the UK time. In the case where a post contains both events taking place in Thailand and the UK, I will state before proceeding whether the timestamps quoted (if any) in the events about to be discussed refers to UK or Bangkok time. I would say that this statement applies to my previous posts as well.

With that out of the way, let’s continue with the topic of this post…

So, what is this trip all about? Well, it’s basically a guided walking tour of the city of Oxford, but more or less the majority of the time is spent touring Oxford University itself. Let’s dive in to the details of the trip…

I met up with the group at around 8AM or so, at the very same place as previous trips. The bus that we took is exactly the same bus. Once again, all participants of the trips were international students, a sizable portion of them were also exchange students.

We pulled out a little bit after 8:15AM or so. Unlike the last trip, there is no guide explaining the areas we passed, so I just spent all of the time on the bus taking photos and videos and listening to music. We did stop around half way through for toilets and I did bought a chocolate cake, but couldn’t quite finish it so I have to throw it away once we got to Oxford.

Now, I can’t remember exactly what time we pulled into the city of Oxford, but probably after 10AM. We were then met with our guide, which turns out is a different person from the guide on the previous trips. We then head inside of Oxford University, starting with the Christ Church College.

I must say, the building was very impressive and looked really pretty. Instead of a red/organge building like at Sussex University, the building had a yellow/gold appearance. We went through several buildings and colleges, all of them looked really nice, imagine how wonderful it would be to actually study there…

We spent roughly two hours or so, before we were given free time. I then head out for lunch at a pub.

For lunch, I ordered a chicken burger with fries, as well as coke. I must say, this lunch is extremely expensive. The price tag was £12.95 or so; can’t remember the exact figure.

After lunch I spent a couple of hours walking around in the city, buying up some postcards (seven to be exact). Oh, I forgot to mention, the weather during the trip was amazing. There were literally no clouds at all, and the sky was blue.

The whole group assembled again at around 4:45PM, but the bus didn’t turn up until a bit later. We pulled out of Oxford at around 5PM, bound for Sussex University. I once again listened to music pretty much the whole way.

We did made one stop at a service station, which gave me a chance to go to the toilet again and to grab some Mcdonalds for dinner, which is really amazing as that means I don’t have to rely on my roommates cooking things for me (although I did told them to be on standby, just in case I didn’t get to stop off on the way back).

Overall, this trip was amazing, especially the tour of Oxford University. It was really satisfying being able to set foot inside the best university on the plannet, though I’m sure getting accepted to study there is extremely challenging. This is why I said earlier…if the title seems too good to be true, it actually is, but only half yes. I did got into Oxford University, but only as a guest/tourist. I didn’t actually get to study there as a full time student.

Looking ahead…there is one more trip, on November 4th. There could be smaller trips, or even larger trips (or even a residential trips), if I’m able to successfully get people together and organize one.

But…yeah, other than that, I guess that’s it for now…

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