Say ‘hello’ to my new header image

Hey guys;

This post is just to inform you all that I have just uploaded a new header image for this blog. It’s now officially live.

The figure in the image is…you guessed it, one of my inflatable toys once again. And no, it’s not one of the existing ones, it’s one of the new ones I ordered last Sunday or so.

This inflatable toy, my dear readers, is indeed very unique. It’s something that I never thought I would ever come across. It’s an inflatable Hello Kitty. And no, it’s not like a huge picture of her being printed on to a blank sheet of PVC, it’s her actual figure, with proper legs, arms and face!

I know, you all probably think, this thing is mainly for girls. And to that I more or less agree. But…guess what, I don’t care. This Hello Kitty is really cute and she’s very comfortable to hug, even more comfortable than my unicorn.

Anyways…for this header image I basically used one of the photos of the Hello Kitty that I took. I cropped the image so that only her and a bit of the areas around her is visible. I then removed the background bits around her in order to create a picture of her with a transparent background. I must say, she’s probably the easiest inflatable toy to work with when it comes to creating pictures of inflatable toys with a transparent background. As far as I’m aware, I didn’t remove parts of the Hello Kitty by accident, although I will have to varify that again once I got back to Thailand and my desktop, where I can use a higher degree of zoom to inspect her more closely.

Anyways after creating an image of her with a transparent background I then opened up a new blacnk image file and literally added her in and moved her around a bit. I initially want to use a bright pink color since it matches her perfectly but after experimenting I found that the blog title and the tag line below it has too low of a contrast so I decided to go for a dark blue background.

Note all the processes I mentioned uses a free program called

Anyways, I hope you like my new blog header image…

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