Christmas holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys;

So, after three weeks, the Christmas holiday is now drawing to a close. On Monday, the second semester will start. Excitement is in the air as I get to see what has changed at MUIC while I was in the UK last semester.

On the academic side, the upcoming semester is set to be a tough one, thanks to one subject, management science. I heard enough stories of people suffering from this subject, so I expect this subject not to be a walk in the park.

As with previous semesters, there would inevitably be group work. I will have to see if this time, the groups I would be put into would be full of suckers, or full of people who actually are able to get things done without me pushing them constantly. To be fair, during my time in the UK the groups I was put into were full of people who actually knew what they’re doing, and were able to get things done on their own, without me having to constantly chase them for work and sometimes I even felt a little bit behind with the rest of my groups.

On the non-academic side…from what I know, there isn’t much to expect. There could be club trips, but I highly doubt I will ever get to go on those. Remember, as I’m now back at MUIC, the unfair trip registration systems are back as well.

The only way of going on a trip any point during the semester is…to organize one myself with other students (most likely exchange students). And, I realized, if I want to make it happen, I can’t just float the idea and hope for exchange students whom I met to just get things started. I would have to push them into actually doing something, E.G gathering up people who are interested, sitting down as a group and start searching for hotels. Though I failed in this mission during my time in the UK and during previous semesters, I won’t give up my dream of going on trips with exchange students.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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