First week of the semester…not too bad; MUIC remains essentially unchanged…

Hey guys;

So, finally back at MUIC and the second semester of this academic year has begun. Overall, things are not too bad but there is one subject that I’m well aware of that will give me a super hard time…

But before talking about how each of the subjects go, let’s talk about what has changed at MUIC…

Well…honestly MUIC hasn’t changed much at all, in terms of the physical appearance, with the exception of the 7-11 in the new building, which, after using it for a bit, is…essentially the Co-Op of MUIC, since it sells almost everything that the Co-Op on campus at Sussex University sells. Even better, for the ready-to-eat meals, the salesperson even microwaves them for the customer, unlike at Co-Op where it is the customer’s job to microwave/cook the ready-to-eat meals.

In terms of the academic programs offered by MUIC…oh boy, everything has changed. Essentially, MUIC has restructured its academic programs, including the subjects offered. A handful of subjects appears to have been renamed with new subject codes assigned, and a good deal of subjects are entirely new subjects never seen before.

And…now, let’s move on to my experience with the first week of the semester, subject-by-subject.

So, for this semester I’m taking four subjects: Strategic human resource management, management science, business ethics and legal issues in international business.

Strategic human resource management: This subject, so far, doesn’t seem too hard. Theory-based subject, so of course involves a good deal of reading. No midterm exam, which can be either good or bad. Good in a way that I can focus on other subjects, bad in a way that when it comes to the final exam, there is a lot to read. There is a group project that involves an interview, so let’s see whether the group that I will be put into is full of suckers or full of people who actually do their work properly and knows what they are doing…

Management science: Oh boy, here comes the subject that could be the toughest yet. According to stories I heard, this subject is practically a hell. There are both midterm and final exams, each makes up 40% of the grade, and the remaining 20% is for quizzes/participation/assignments. Sounds familiar to another subject? Well the answer is yes because it does sound familiar to another subject that I took this very time last year. That subject is business finance. Unlike business finance, however, 20% is relatively easy to get; just do the required assignments (keyword: just do) and participate in class and 20% can be yours. Yep, just handing in the required assignment and participate in class, and do the required exercises/practice problems in class is enough to get 20%, regardless of the quality of the work.

Business ethics: Another interesting subject. Once again theory-based so does involve a good deal of reading, however there is only a midterm exam. However there is a case study presentation done in pairs that makes up 40% of the grade (ouch). I have got a partner for the presentation already, let’s see how it goes. Technically you can do it in a group of three or in a pair of two and…I rather prefer to do it in a grup of three since that means I would have less work to do but…oh well…when you received an offer to form a pair, it’s kind of hard to resist the offer…

Legal issues in international business: Basically a continuation of business law. Final exam makes up quite a big chunk of the grade, at 50%. It’s a 4-hour class, similar to business law. 30% of the grade is for the midterm exam, 10% is for participation and the final 10% is for quizzes (this may be removed and participation may be bumpped up to 20% instead, depending on the teacher). Content-wise, it’s not overly complicated yet. This subject will more or less play a role in deciding whether I like to study law in the future.

Now, on to some other stuff…

When a new semester arrives, exchange students also arrive and, as this is the second semester, there are a handful of exchange students at MUIC and I have already made friends with some of them. My goal, is…to organize trips with them. Yep, I’m not giving up on my dream of organizing trips with exchange students. If I failed to do that as an exchange student in the UK myself, I will try once more as a full-time student at MUIC, taking advantage of the fact that this time I do know some stuff that might be useful, such as the Thai railway network.

Speaking of which, I realize that, it’s not enough just to float the idea of organizing trips to a group of exchange students and expect them to turn that idea into an actual trip with me as part of it, I have to actively encourage them to start working on turning the idea into an actual trip. So far I had two groups of exchange students who are interested in organizing trips with me, and I am actively trying to approach other groups. I’ll see out of all of these groups which group will actually progress beyond the idea stage.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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