Field trip on March 3rd confirmed

Hey guys;

Remember when I talked about some upcoming field trips earlier, and how I mentioned that there might be two field trips in a row?

Well I’m very happy to tell you all that the trip on March 3rd has been confirmed. Earlier on Monday I finally bought the March 3rd tour package, at a price tag of 1890 Thai baht.

This means that, I will indeed have two field trips in a row, which I think could be quite fun. Though I’d prefer that both are combined into a residential trip, as…I’m actually desperate for one right now. I’m more than willing to pay 3000-4000 Thai baht or more just for that. I know there are club trips, but based on my past records with those I realistically can’t rely on those anymore. And since we’re now finishing off the seventh week of the semester, my hope of organizing a multi-day trip with exchange students within this semester is slowly fading. Well done guys, for intentionally not inviting me on trips you organized.

I know what you’re thinking. I know you probably think…it’s just February, there are still ten more months to go in 2019. And to that I said true. But remember, if I missed a chance of organizing trips with exchange students this semester I would potentially have to wait until September as next semester there would be very few exchange students around at MUIC. And once again, even when September comes around and there would indeed be tons of exchange students coming to MUIC that doesn’t mean that I will automatically get to organize a multi-day trip. To be fair here, last year there was a residential trip only because of one of the subjects I took. And in fact, since like 2016 all residential trips were possible only because of pure luck: A last-minute cancellation by someone thus enabling me to join (2016), my proposal for organizing a trip was actually taken up more seriously by the disability support service staff (2017), and one of the subjects I took actually made the trip compulsory by giving it a 10% weight to the grade (2018). I really missed the days when I do not have to rely on pure luck for residential trips (I’m specifically referring to the first half of this decade).

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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