It’s all about the ocean…

Hey guys;

The title says it all. Today’s trip is all about doing things relating to the ocean. And…oh boy, this trip is downright amazing! I said that yesterday’s trip was great, this one just builds on that and literally takes it to the next level. Everything from the food, to the transportation, to the activities, to the great amount of care I receive…this is truely how MUIC trips should be, beating even yesterday’s trip (to the organizers of yesterday’s trip that mmight be reading this…I’m really sorry but it’s true. Your competitor has somehow come up with a much better tour experience).

So let’s begin talking about the trip in detail…

Today’s trip is called ‘unlock the ocean’. In terms of preparation…I must say, I’ve been totally prepaired for the trip. Since this trip involves going into the water, I brought along with me a full swimming set – and you know what that means: Swimming suit, goggles, and an inflatable swimming ring. I initially thought of deflating the ring but at the end I just felt that I can’t be bothered to do it and I’m quite sure no one would be able to do it as efficiently as me, so I just carry the ring around, inflated (this would however prove to be a bad idea later when I have to carry the inflated ring together with an inflated unicorn along with my bag out of the bus door for dinner). The main reason that I eventually decided to carry the ring everywhere after the first activity is purely for selfie purposes as I wish to use the ring together with the unicorn as props when asking someone to take a selfie for me. The ring itself is also not small, so ddoes take time to deflate and inflate compared to the unicorn.

The registration time was at 5:45AM. Once I arrived, there were already a lot of people there and immediately when I entered the lobby I was invited to the registration table. Then I was given a breakfast and a bottle of water. Not knowing this, I’ve brought along my own and since I don’t want to be carruying two bottles I decided to call my dad up and ask him to take the one I bought away.

It wasn’t until 6:30AM when we got moving. Unlike yesterday’s trip, the main transportation for today’s trip is actually a big bus that can fit the whole group in it. I chose the third row for my seat, and…I eventually like it (Gotta love those big windows, where one can film the outside without any annoying obstructions getting in the way).

The first stop was a service station. I went to the toilet and bought a cold chocolate from Starbucks. This eventually proved to be a bad idea as eventually when we got close to the second stop I was desperate for toilet.

The second stop was a marine research and concervation center, where the first activity is to take place. We got off, and listened to a brief lecture about corals and how they how they are born and eventually grow. After that we all went out to get change for the activity, and then got on a small shhuttle transport that takes us to the beach.

I must say, this beach is probably one of the worst beaches I’vve came across yet. The entire surface is covered with very rough surface that makes it almost unwalkable without shoes. I decided to take a shuttle boat to the main raft instead of swimming.

Once I got there, I was given a bit of time to float around, since I arrived there early. But once everyone arrived, the main activity can begin.

This whole coral planting thing is basically an attempt to restore the coral reefs of the Gulf of Thailand, which was supposedly damaged from the combination of climate change and mass tourism.

We spent roughly two hours out in the water, before heading back to the shore to get change for the next stop, which is actually a lunch stop at a nice seafood restaurant.

For lunch, once again I chose to eat fried fish but I also ate some squids cooked with some eggs and some shrimp noodle thing. I did try asking someone to take a photo for me, but the resulting picture was too dark so I decided not to go on full with my selfie props.

After lunch, we moved on to the next stop, which is the second to last stop for the next activity. This place is basically a small fisherman’s village. When we got there we were given a short lecture by the locals about the village and what they are doing, before starting with the first activity, which is…building a home for fish, made from strings and a large, bulky-looking thing. After that we got a chance to taste the crabs. I must say, the crabs did taste really good, though they could have tasted the same as the crabs I use to eat at seafood restaurants.

The last activity is actually a raft ride to enjoy the sunset view and also a panoramic view of the ocean. The view was amazing, and at one poit when I used the maximum zoom on my iPhone’s camera, I can see buildings off in the distance! I was told later that those buildings are actually buildings in Pattaya. From that distance it is not possible to tell what they were but I guess they are most likely hotels or other buildings related to tourism.

After that, we got back to the village and walk back to the bus for a short ride to the final stop, which is a luxury resort, for our dinner.

I don’t know how, but apparently while getting off my swimming ring bumpped the left side of the door. I later discovered that it had a leak, which made me feel bad since this is my favorite ring, and also my very first online purchase I made.

Anyways for dinner we all had our prebooked meals. I booked the carbonara, which is one of my favorite. There was also banana crisps as an appetizer. For dessert I decided to have some coconut cake.

After dinner, it’s time to hed back to MUIC. This is a two hour or so jjourney, and there was nothing special, and that pretty much ends the day. Oh, and since it’s still just a few days sice my birthday I made a request for ‘happy birthday’ to be sang bbefore we all got off.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention, in the morning the staff did played some games with everyone on the bus. There was one game were the staff would shout out a phone number and everyone has to call that number. For some reason my call doesn’t seem to go through, or that there is someone who did it faster than me, or that the network is jammed since the whole bus is trying to call the same number. The other game basically involves the staff choosing a random number and you basically have to shout if you got that number (it can be anything, E.G phone number, student ID, national ID, etcc). Anyways the prises aren’t too exciting; just some snacks.

In terms of the amount of care I received…oh boy, this trip literally takes it to the next level. Everyone was so accommodating, even helping me take my full selfie with props. The care I received from yesterday’s trip was great, but this one is even better.

Overall, I mmust say, today’s trip was really amazing, and I would say that this trip by far is the best field trip yet to come out of MUIC students, beating literally all the previous class trips and club trips I’ve been to, even the two residential trips I went to. As whether this trip is the best so far in my university life…I would say so, beating even those trips from Sussex University. Today’s trip is just…great in every way and in the evaluation I gave five0-star satisfaction level in almost all aspects.

So…that’s it for now…although the publish date of this post would now be March 4th, I decided not to change the ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’ because…yeah, I just can’t be bothered to, plus this post was written on March 3rd, just that when I hit the publish button, the date of March 4th would be shown.

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