A new header image is born

Hey guys;

After a few months of the inflatable Hello Kitty as my header image, it’s time for a change, given that I now gradually lose interest in it, and also I have a strong feeling that it has popped (I’m specifically talking about the second one that I ordered).

This new header image features one of my Frozen rings (in fact, the one in this image is the only Frozen ring left since the one that my friend (the one who gave me a classic beach ball) bought and kindly sent across the Atlantic to me earlier while I was in the UK seems to have popped as well). The Frozen ring you can see in the image is the one I ordered myself, using the money in my own debit card way back in October in the UK, for around £2.84.

Although I do still have a photo of it that I took back then, I found out that it is not very suitable as a header image since the ring is zoomed in a little bit too close, so just moments ago I have to retake the photo of it.

So…yeah, that’s it for now…I hope you like my new header image.

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