Some thoughts

Hey guys;

Since I’m actually feeling kind of bored, I would like to share with you some of the thoughts that have been occurring in my mind lately.

Looking back through this decade so far, in terms of good and bad years, I think I have noticed one interesting point…

I’m not sure if I have mentioned it somewhere but if not, I’m going to say it here…2013 was a pretty bad year, with very few events (almost all of that were concentrated in the last four months of the year) and only one residential trip that lasted for only two nights. But then, it was followed by 2014, which was one of the best years yet, with four residential trips (all of them lasted for at least three nights) and a good number of other smaller events scattered more or less throughout the year.

2016, just like 2013, was a pretty bad year, like…extremely bad. In fact I would say that it’s even worse than 2013, by all means. Yes there were events scattered throughout the year, and yes there was one residential trip, but remember, that residential trip was possible only because of pure luck at the very last minute, and…the trip only lasted for a single night. The main thing that made 2016 worse compared to 2013 is the fact that the year was just full of setbacks, and…let me tell you, a number of those setbacks are beyond my control, and the rest were just…pure bad luck. But 2016 was not immediately followed by a very good year, though. 2017 was a pretty average year, but…2018 proved to be a good year indeed, as I mentioned countless times already. True 2018 had its setbacks early on, but things just keeps getting better and better. 2018 was also full of events, in fact there are three pretty big clusters of events that I can identify, when thinking back to 2018. The first cluster consists of events in March and a handful of events from January and February. The second cluster consists of events between mid/late May to early/mid July, and the third, which is the biggest one, consists of a huge chain of events running from September and December (not all of those events are good, though). To say that the bulk of events are concentrated in the last four months of the year is not entirely accurate, because there were plenty of events scattered throughout the year, a handful of them were pretty big. Also, 2018 was a year with the most field trips (seven in total (five of them in the last four months of the year alone) and one residential trip). In addition, 2018 was also the year with one of the most, if not the most, amount of photos and videos I’ve taken. There were I think seventy folders or more containing the photos and videos taken throughout the year, with a combined size in the triple-digit gigabytes (I think the combined size of the photos and videos taken in the last four months of the year alone was like close to 200GB already, if not more than 200GB).

So…yeah, that was a huge contrast between 2016 and 2018, isn’t it? I think the number of photos and videos taken throughout 2018 was even greater than those taken throughout 2014, which was also a pretty good year as I mentioned.

As for 2019 so far…it’s not looking good. There were not many events and no residential trips yet. Although there aren’t many setbacks so far it’s the general lack of events that is making 2019 look pretty boring.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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