First semester back at MUIC is drawing to a close

Hey guys;

So, after roughly three months, the first semester back at MUIC is now drawing to an end, with only the final exams to go next week. Overall it’s a pretty typical semester…nothing too interesting, apart from the two field trips I mentioned in my earlier posts.

On the academic side, this semester has been difficult, but manageable. Management science is the toughest subject, but at least I managed to do pretty well on the midterm exam. Others…well, they’re alright, I guess, except for the groupwork of strategic human resource management which, due to the nature of the group I was put in, I found myself in hot waters from time to time, especially towards the conclusion of the project where, as I mentioned before, the group members were not as accommodating as they should be.

On the non-academic front…oh well, this semester does pack a number of small events, and…also two pretty large trips. Both trips were pretty amazing, and…unlike the standard MUIC trips, the organizers actually took care of me extremely well. I wrote about both trips in detail in my earlier posts already, so I’m not going to repeat myself here. Use the search box on the right side to find posts where I talk about those trips.

Looking forward to the next semester…there isn’t really much to look forward to. There could be one or more trips, depending on how things go, really. And…of course, as the events of 30 and 31st December 2016 have shown, unexpected events can turn up out of the blue. But in terms of class schedule though, I’m reverting back to a four-day study timetable, since I think that it is better and more relaxing compared to a full week, five-day study timetable.

Other than that, I guess that’s pretty much it…

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