Songkran holiday is drawing to a close

Hey guys;

So, after two weeks, the Songkran holiday is now drawing to a close. Monday will be the start of the next semester.

As for what happened during the holiday…well, there isn’t much that is worth writing about, except for one thing, which is related to my experience with the Teamtalk software, but I will get to that later.

First, let’s talk about class registration for the upcoming semester…

Registering for classes this upcoming semester was pretty smooth. I do have to make one change to my original study plan, but that change is more of a preemptive action. The real reason for this is because, the time slot for one of the subjects I originally plan to take, strategic management, has two few students registered, as of dinner time on registration day. Though in theory for business courses there is no minimum number of students required in order for the section to remain opened, the teacher can choose not to teach, and instead request that all students move to another section.

Now for me, this change is not really practical as I would have to significantly alter my study plan, especially with regards to my free elective as the as the other alternative sections that have lots of students clashed with my free elective, either directly or indirectly.

I tried considering different options, including the option of taking chances, but decided that the best and safest course of action is to swap out strategic management for brand management, which has the same class time and the same final exam date as strategic management, although the final exam will move from 8AM to 1PM (extra time included). Although this would mean that on Friday 19th July the two final exams are a bit too close for comfort, I really don’t have any other choice.

Anyways, below are the full list of subjects I’m going to take…

Subject Date and time Room Final exam date Final exam time (including extra time)
ICHT232 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry Tuesdays 9AM to 12PM A225 16th July 9AM to 12PM
ICMB364 Operations Management Tuesdays 12PM to 2PM A217 19th July 5PM to 8PM
Thursdays 12PM to 2PM A217
ICMI457 International Business Negotiations Mondays 8AM to 10AM A253 17th July 1PM to 4PM
Wednesdays 8AM to 10AM A253
ICMK322 Brand Management Mondays 10AM to 12PM A201 19th July 1PM to 4PM
Wednesdays 10AM to 12PM A201

As you can see, for the upcoming semester I would have classes Mondays to Thursdays, with Thursdays being the chillest day, since I would only have one class, operations management. Tuesdays would be a bit of a tough day, since I would have five hours of class (introduction to hospitality and tourism industry is already three hours long, followed by two hours of operations management). Mondays and Wednesdays, on the other hand, are pretty average, with four hours of class, beginning with international business negotiations at 8AM followed by brand management at 10AM. This timetable is not the best in the world, but…at least it’s somewhat workable for me…and I don’t feel like having another semester with five days of classes…

With the class registration out of the way, let’s get talking about Teamtalk, as that’s the only significant thing worth talking about for this Songkran holiday…

I started using this Teamtalk software way back during the NVDA users conference in 2016. Since then I have used it on a pretty irregular bases, only logging on every now and then. Even after last year’s NVDA users conference, which I did get a chance to participate in some important sessions like the keynote address thanks to good timing, I still don’t log back on to Teamtalk often.

But very recently, having been aware that another NVDA users conference will take place at some point, I decided to get Teamtalk set up on my desktop again. To make sure that I am fully ready, I decided to try using it again, adjusting any settings as required. I mainly stay on the public US server.

My experience so far has been…alright, but with some pretty horrific incidents I need to talk about.

The main problem falls pretty much into two categories: Spamming and trolling.

Let’s start with spamming…

Spamming has been a major issue pretty much since I started using it on a more regular bases more than a week ago. The absolute worst of these spams is the attempted crashing of my screen reader, heated arguments (at one point even included somewhat racist statements), and excessively loud music/soundtracks being used as weapons to drive supposed enemies out of the server.

Next, let’s talk about the trolls (yes, trolls exist even on Teamtalk)…

Though I am not directly a victim of Teamtalk trolls, but watching someone else getting trolled brought back memories of how I suffered greatly during my high school days. So far these trolls are usually in a form of trying to annoy someone by repeatedly asking that person questions that, by its nature, is designed to be extremely annoying.

And…just today, I witnessed a new form of trolling. This morning (Thailand time), a group of trolls decided that it is a good idea to band together into a gang and…literally storm into someone’s private channel on Teamtalk. I’m not sure how the trolls managed to get the channel password, but I can assume the trolls gang got it through coercion, or deceptive techniques, or a combination of both. My response to this is…outright condemnation of this horrific act by the trolls. As someone who has been a victim of trolls before, I can somewhat understand how the person felt when the trolls stormed into the private channel with the main purpose to cause trouble and annoyances.

As for what I can do…well, I guess the best thing is to try telling the trolls to stop this kind of horrific act. Normally on Teamtalk I’m a passive bystander, but when it comes to observing someone getting trolled horrifically, I don’t think I can just stand still and let the trolls carry on with their horrific acts.

In addition, there is one thing that I tend to notice with both the spams and the trolls, and that is the time of day that these tend to occur. In the case of spams, the most intense, severe, horrific instances of spams tend to be confined to mainly during nighttime (Thailand time), whereas for the case of trolls these can occur pretty much anytime of the day, except for late morning and early afternoon (Thailand time) I guess.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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