First week of class…not too bad

Hey guys;

So, the first week of the semester has ended. Overall things are not looking too bad at all.

One interesting thing I discovered is, this semester is going to be yet another semester where I have group work in every subjects. Luckily I had been able to form groups on my own, without asking teachers to help form groups for me. Let’s see whether the groups I’m working with would be full of suckers, or full of people who actually do things properly and in a timely manor, without me having to chase them for work.

In addition, at least two field trips can be expected, all of them are for my introduction to hospitality and tourism industry class. They’re not residential trips, sadly. However, there is a problem. According to the syllabus, the trips would be taking place on the day where the class is normally scheduled, which is on Tuesdays, and…I have another class from 12PM to 2PM on Tuesdays. This means, for both trips, I have a few options: Skip the 12PM class entirely and hence breaking my chain of literally 100% attendance, skip the 12PM class but ask the teacher to be allowed to join the 4PM class to hopefully make up for the 12PM class and thus keep the chain of perfect or almost perfect attendance record going, forfeit the opportunity of guaranteed field trips entirely (the mentioned trips does not have any weight on the overall grade anyway), or hope that the 12PM class on the days where the field trips are to take place gets canceled. As to whether which option is the best…I don’t have an answer. The last option is not really reliable as it is contingent on luck, and…from my past experiences luck tends not to go in my favor. The three other options are pretty reliable, but does involve a pretty tough decision to make. The prospect of having two additional guaranteed field trips, on top of the two guaranteed trips I went on last month is extremely attractive indeed, but since the supposed trips does not contribute towards the overall grade of this free elective course, I’m not sure if it is worth sacrificing the attendance record of one of my cor courses. Of course there is a chance that the two field trips would be moved to the weekends, in which case I would be able to go on both trips without sacrificing my attendance records of another subject.

Since we’re now on the subject of trips…how about we look at some other trips that could possibly pop up…

Recently, I’ve received hints from a source that a residential trip is, more or less, in the discussion/planning phase. That sounds exciting, but since very little is known at this point, I cannot give high hopes for that.

Club trips are also possibilities, but like before, those are more contingent on luck. Trips with exchange students are also possible and indeed at least one new exchange student have expressed interest in organizing such trips, but based on my experience last semester, I don’t think it will go further than idea proposals.

As for other events to expect…well, not much, just the usual stuff – food fairs, and…hopefully a musical and…maybe even another band competition. Getting to spend time with my best friend is also up there on the list of events to expect for the duration of this semester. On-campus activities organized by various clubs can also be expected. Overall I have a strong feeling that this semester is going to be dominated by small events, which, would make this academic year almost an inverse of the last academic year. Where the last semester of the last academic year was full of events (especially after the midterm exams), but for this academic year the bulk of the really good and big events were concentrated in the first semester. In fact, the first semester of this academic year might have the largest number of big events yet (day trips are considered as big events). And…all you really need to do is to squeeze five such day trips into a single semester…

Now as for the level of difficulty for all of my classes…so far they’re not looking too difficult. Pretty heavy on theories for most part, and even operations management so far only involves very simple calculations using Excel.

Anyways, that’s it for now…

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