My experience with the Lenovo Ideapad 720S-13IKB laptop so far

Hey guys;

It’s been pretty much a year or so since I publish any posts that is not about my life…I’ve been caught up with so many life events since then.

Anyways, in this post I will give my experience, after using the new Lenovo Ideapad 720S-13IKB laptop for…well, almost four months now.

First of all, why did I bought a new laptop? Well the simple reason is…the old one, which is a Lenovo ThinkPad X230, is getting really laggy on Windows 10 (especially on startup), and the battery life is getting pretty bad. This became an issue last semester where my Friday class lasts for four hours and I’m pretty much required to have my laptop on all the time.

After complaining about this loud enough and stressing about the need for laptop to last for the entire duration of my Friday classes, my dad finally agreed to buy me a new laptop. Initially I looked at a slightly newer Lenovo ThinkPad model, but eventually settled on the brand new Lenovo Ideapad 720S-13IKB, after listening to the salesperson explaining about the features of the new laptop.

Here are the specs of this new laptop…

  • CPU: Intel Core I5-8250U at 1.60GHZ
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit (it originally shipped with version 1803 of Windows 10, but managed to get it upgraded to version 1809)
  • Graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • Storage: 512GB solid state drive (SSD)

Note: Other than storage, the above specs are retrieved from the dxdiag tool in Windows.

The price tag was, if I can remember correctly, around 23,000 Thai baht, which, if you look at the specs I mentioned, is well worth the money. You are getting so much storage with very good battery life, good amount of RAM and a good enough graphics card (I guess, never really play games on it yet though).

Overall design impression

The design of this new laptop is, in my opinion, really nice. It’s really thin, and light as well. It came in two colors, space gray and a platinum white I think. I chose space gray, to match with my iPhone 8. Although the specification shows that it is a 14-inch laptop, it looks more like a 13-inch laptop, but I think it’s because the bezels are very small.

Initial setting up

Setting this laptop up was no big deal. As this is running Windows 10, everything was very easy. Once I got back home on the day of the purchase, I managed to get NVDA and all of my other essential programs installed in no time. Initially I have to use a local user account, but managed to link my Microsoft account in the settings and set up a PIN. As this is Windows 10, all the user settings from my old laptop was transferred over, including my inflatable Hello Kitty wallpaper which, thanks to the laptop display, looked really vibrant and colorful, compared to the somewhat dull look on the old laptop.

Starting up and general performance

One of the thing I really like about the new laptop is that it boots up really quickly, I think less than a minute. Once signed in, it was ready to use almost right away. This makes the new laptop very suitable for situations where I really need to turn on my laptop to check something or to do something really quickly. With the old laptop, it would have taken a minute or more for the laptop to be fully ready for use.

In terms of the general performance of this laptop, I would say that it performs really well, and really fast too. There is little to no lag whatsoever. I can’t really comment on game performance, though, as I never really play games on it yet.

NVDA’s performance

In terms of how NVDA performs, I must say, it performed really, really well. After signing in, NVDA starts right away and is pretty much ready for use. Sometimes some background apps would load and interrupt NVDA’s focus, but that’s no big deal. NVDA also works fine with some of the preinstalled Lenovo apps, especially the Lenovo Vantage app, which is an important app as it is where I get updates for my drivers.

Battery life

The battery life on this bad boy is amazing. It can easily last throughout the four-hour class on Fridays last semester without having to charge during class at all. Even when doing tasks such as image editing in the Paint3D app the battery did not go down dramatically at all.

Issues with the laptop

So far, the only issues I came across is that, the area under the laptop’s display is kind of loose and has the tendency to come off whenever I take the laptop out of my bag. In fact this became, and to this day still is, a major issue as I have to put the part back in its place almost all the time, and the potential of the part getting lost is pretty high. Perhaps I really should consider putting some sort of transparent tapes on it to prevent it from comming off.

Another issue, which came up recently, is that for some reason the Lenovo Vantage utility would fail to update the bios. I tried using my phone’s hotspot, putting my laptop on charge, and the bios still fails to install. This issue came up when the bios update shows up in February I think.

Another issue is that, while placing my laptop on charge, there is no way to know, without turning the laptop on, if the laptop is fully charged or not.

Overall satisfaction and my rating

Overall, I would say that, up to now, I’m very satisfied with the new Lenovo Ideapad 720S-13IKB. It’s a very thin and very light laptop, and it performs really well, especially when it comes to battery life. I think I would give this laptop a rating of 8/10. If you’re looking for a light, thin, affordable yet powerful laptop, Lenovo Ideapad 720S-13IKB is certainly a good choice.

Hope you all have a good day, and long live His Majesty The King of Thailand.

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