Update on one of the field trips, plus some other stuff…

Hey guys;

Remember in my last post, I said that for the field trips for the introduction to hospitality and tourism industry class, if I want to join them I have to skip my operations management class, right? Well according to the latest update from the teacher, that’s no longer the case for one of them.

Since one of the field trips is going to be a pretty long trip and that the teacher realizes that there are classes that some students really cannot skip, the teacher decided to move the field trip to a different date. Not on a weekend, but…on a Friday! Yep, the field trip has been moved to a weekday that I don’t have any class. Originally this field trip is scheduled for the 4th of June – which is a Tuesday, but now it has been rescheduled for Friday the 7th of June. But it’s still yet to be seen whether the teacher will also reschedule the other field trip…

Now that I have gotten this rather important update out of the way, let’s move on to some other stuff…

Since we’re on the subject of trips, I’d like to say that there could actually be a couple of field trips (mainly club trips) throughout this semester, but whether I will be able to successfully register my place on those trips is yet to be seen. If I’m really lucky and I am able to join all of the field trips, that could mean that this semester would have the same number of field trips, or even slightly more number of field trips, as the semester abroad in the UK. As for aa trip with exchange students…sadly there has been no progress. For the residential trip I mentioned in my last post or so…as of now it remains elusive and mysterious as ever as I haven’t heard of any further details.

Now that I’m done talking about trips, let’s move on to some other things that I found quite interesting and cool…

This very semester last year, in pretty much all the classes I took, there was at least one person that I have shared a class or classes with previously. This semester is no different, well, at least for all classes except introduction to hospitality and tourism industry. For instance, in my international business negotiations class, one of the group members was actually in my legal issues in international business class last semester, in my brand management class one person in my group was in my fundamental mathematics class and the other person was even in my group for the management and organizational behavior class, and for operations management I believe one person was in my group for the integrated marketing communication class, judging from the fact that one of the names the teacher read out when checking attendance sounded really familiar to me. And…the most interesting thing is, one person in my group for the brand management class iss also in my group for the international business negotiations class! Pretty interesting coincidents, isn’t it?

As for whether I will be happy with all my groups…we’ll see, but so far things are moving in the right direction.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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