Wrapping up the first half of the semester

Hey guys;

So, the sixth week had just ended, so…I think it’s time to wrap up my experience so far.

In terms of events…well, the first half of this semester had been pretty uneventful, with only small events that I don’t think are even worth talking about much. You know, stuff like the food fairs and some of the on-campus club activities. There was one event that I decided to artificially create, and that is the group project interview for my introduction to hospitality and tourism industry class. How did I make such a thing into an event? Well…all it takes is to take some photos and videos. On the event itself…well there’s not really much to talk about, so I don’t think I will even get into the details of it because…yeah, it’s a small event just like the other events so far.

In terms of classes…well, things are going alright I guess. The toughest class right now is operations management, and…the midterm exam yesterday really made me feel like I should have transferred the credits from Sussex University. Operations management at MUIC is…pretty hard, for real. The main reason that I decided not to transfer this subject from Sussex University is because I believe that it would be really easy, like people have told me and that the contents from Sussex University would be reusable. But…turns out, so far, all the stuff I learned in the UK is pretty useless because operations management here at MUIC places emphasis on solving mathematical models using Excel, rather than writing essays about operations management concepts. Had I transferred the credits for this subject from the UK, I would’ve likely gotten a B+. Now given how I did yesterday, I think a C+ or a B is more likely. Put simply, I’ve been fooled by some of my friends/former classmates.

As for what’s happening with brand management…well, turns out one person in my group decided to submit the first assignment, thus volunteering to get only half of the available points. This means I can just focus on the second assignment, which, as it turns out, doesn’t look too hard at all. It’s basically marketing research project but with a much, much smaller sample size minimum and no sample quota restrictions, and the number of interview questions is also much smaller. Although it involves interviewing people just like with marketing research, a minimum of sample size of three interviewees per person is pretty achievable. I could, for example, interview my best friend and her brother (when I meet them very soon) plus one person from my international business negotiations group (most likely the girl who was in my legal issues in international business class last semester) and that would already give me a sample size of three. Or, I could also interview people in my introduction to hospitality and tourism industry class (especially those that are joining the field trip next Friday). That alone would’ve given me a double-digit sample size, which could be more than four times the minimum sample size requirement.

As far as all the groups are concerned…I would say that I’m quite happy with the groups I’m working with for all of the subjects. I didn’t really have to chase people up for work at all…and this is exactly what I want to see. A group where people just do what they need to do, without me having to constantly chase them for work, especially when the deadline is close.

Looking ahead into the second half of the semester…there are at least two field trips. The first one is of course next friday, and the next one is on July 2nd, which is a Tuesday. Although this would mean I have to skip my normal 12PM class, I talked to my teacher and he said that I can attend the 4PM session instead. There could be club trips, but I’ll have to see whether I’ll be lucky enough to get on those. And…of course, there is at least one musical to look forward to, and…spending time with my best friend is up there as well; in fact according to the latest discussion between me and my best friend, it is very likely that we will meet next Saturday.

So…yeah, I guess that’s it for now…

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